Be told The whole thing About Famous person Wars’ Castle Inquisitorius

From Famous person Wars: Rebels. Symbol: Disney XD

The Inquisitors are one of the crucial most threatening characters present within the present Famous person Wars canon. Educated Power-using killers, serving Darth Vader and removing the remainder Jedi and some other Power-sensitives they may be able to in finding. In line with their popularity, the Inquisitors have a terrifying citadel: the Castle Inquisitorius.

It’s a mysterious, haunted position, explored maximum totally in Jedi: Fallen Order. In a brand new video, the Famous person Wars Defined YouTube channel, which produces a large number of attention-grabbing and bite-sized lore movies for the canon and Legends Famous person Wars universe, explores the Castle and gives some neat main points to assist situate it in canon.

Observe that a large number of it has minor spoilers for Jedi: Fallen Order and the place that tale leads. However there’s data right here that I didn’t know, together with affirmation concerning the Castle’s location and its parallels with different places within the early Imperial generation. In case you get in reality eager about evil area castles, and who doesn’t? This can be a video for you. 

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