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iPhone users to face problems with the new WhatsApp update

The well-known WhatsApp messaging business is planning to make a little adjustment to its iOS app. However, this change can lead to being a sting for users those able to share images and GIFs fast.

Discovery has shown that the update to the iOS beta version will shortly eliminate the context menu. The feature will allow users to long-press images, videos, messages or other segments of content with ease for copying and forwarding it. This makes it a useful tool to promptly send humorous memes along with essential messages to family, friends and other persons.

As per the analysis, the context menu eliminated so that WhatsApp can explore “the problem causing share sheet to crash”. Presently there is no deadline in regard to when the context menu perhaps gets back in the beta version of WhatsApp. There is also no assurance about the cut out of the official version of WhatsApp too.

The change seems to be unassociated with the current COVID-19 pandemic; WhatsApp has made various changes in reply to the global emergency. The company not long ago restricted regular WhatsApp messages that forwarded to lessen the spreading of COVID-19 misinformation. It also introduced its own fact-checking page for helping users figure out any problematic info.

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