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“Nether Portal”: This feature of Minecraft has many advantages than you can imagine!!

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If you are a Minecraft player, then you might have heard of the term Nether portal. It is a part of Minecraft. In 2010 the game had some new features added as part of the Halloween. Initially, this update didn’t sit well with the players. But with the passing days, the Nether portal is one of the best features available. If you are not aware of it, then don’t worry, we will guide you through the whole term throughout the article. It is a structure that helps the player to between the places Overland and the Nether. Portal supports only version 1.2.0. Also, this structure has several other uses. It is easy to use in the game. To know more about the construction and the usage of the Nether portal, continue reading the article until the end.

“Construction of Nether portal”:

The nether portal is in a rectangular manner. The outer frame is of size 4*5 (10 BLOCKS) to 23*23 (84 BLOCKS) in obsidian. The nearby portals will have some adjustable blocks, and they can share them too. Though the corner frames don’t have any significant role to play, they will be in the portal. Also, there is another advancement in the version 1.7.2. You can now create your portal according to any shape. Yes! They will come in multiple sizes and shapes. But remember Portals will not function underwater. If you have built your house, then you can get flame in the frame by activating either flint and steel or lava. The action will open up a fire. Also, it will create a purple layer. They can emit light till level 11. And they are powerful than the Redstone ore type.

Also, if you love to hear music, then the game provides you with that. You can listen to music from the block continuously. The operation is safe and is in the glass.

“Operation of the Nether Portal”:

The primary usage of the Nether portal is transportation. If you stand in the same location in Overworld for more than four seconds, then you will be automatically transported to the Nether. You might be aware it carries you between the two worlds. Also, there is a connecting portal. It helps you to return to your place in the Overworld. The gameplay is smooth and flexible. But be aware if you build multiple gateways in the Overworld will lead you to the same in Nether. So be careful while you handle this. While travelling between the places, you have to watch out for your enemy. The mobs also can transfer between the worlds.

“Portal Connections”:

There will be only one Nether in the world. So this will be very helpful to travel between the places. Because there will be only one nether and you have to use it. Also, be aware of this the distance between the Overworld and the Nether will be in the ration of 8:1. That means the player can pass through Overworld eight times faster than in the Nether.

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