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“Amber Heard’s new dispute”: Famous Aquaman actress finds herself in another controversy after wearing inappropriate dress on her visit to a mosque!

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The famous Aquaman actress Amber Heard has been hitting the headlines due to a lot of reasons lately. Anyone who keeps up with entertainment news knows about the dispute between her and Depp. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were in a relationship and separated a while ago. Ever since then, the two have thrown assault lawsuits at each other. However, this wasn’t why the actress received hate recently on social media. She visited Istanbul a while ago and posted a picture of her in a mosque. The Muslim Community was angry and alleged her of wearing an inappropriate dress. Read to find out all the details.


About Amber Heard: “Amber Heard’s new dispute.”

Amber Laura Heard is an American actress born on April 22, 1986. She started her career with roles in the Television industry and minor roles in small films. Most of Heard’s acting career began when Amber played the central character in CW’s show Hidden Palms. She also did various other films receiving mixed critical reception. Amber is most notably famous for her roles in Magic Mike and Aquaman. She is also involved in charity work and activism for domestic violence. Amber recently got into a legal battle with Johnny Depp over assault allegations.

Her visit to Istanbul: “Amber Heard’s new dispute.”

Recently, Amber visited Istanbul and went to a lot of tourist places to visit. She also attended a mosque and posted photos of her from the visit. We saw her wearing a pink scarf over her head and a white blouse. She had posted the photo on her official Instagram account. However, the Muslim community objected to this and called the dress very immodest. People were angry about the actress not covering her head and neck with the scarf. The backlash occurred because the veil was different from a hijab.

Amber’s response: “Amber Heard’s new dispute.”

The actress has turned off the comments on her photo. She has done this after all of the public backlashes had happened on social media. Amber doesn’t seem to care much about the controversy. She even tweeted saying that whoever paid to write this, didn’t pay enough. Other than that, she has posted stories on Instagram from Greece. You can see her enjoying the cool breeze on a yacht in Greece. So far, it doesn’t seem that she will react to any of the backlashes. We will update you once we have more details about the matter.

Amber has been facing a lot of hate on social media lately. Her legal battle with Depp received a lot of fans angry about the whole issue. The allegations about her assaulting and harassing Depp have had an enormous impact on her public image. However, she has tried to do the same to her ex for a long time now. We need to remember that she started the abuse allegations. The dispute between the two celebrities is in a deadlock at the moment. It will be interesting to see their careers have an impact on this.

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