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“Evangelion 4”: What will be the fate of Shinji? Click to know the Release date, Plot and more!

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Evangelion tetralogy series is one of the most favourite anime in the world. It is a Japanese science-fiction anime series. Also, the anime series is now in the form of movies. Yes! Initially, Hideaki Anno made an anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” in 1995. When the series ended in 1996, it was a massive disappointment to millions of fans. So Anno was planning to make the series into a movie. And he made it. The first part “Evangelion 1: You Are  (Not) Alone” was out in 2007. The film became the centre of attention. Also, the visuals and direction effect became the hotspot of success. The second part “Evangelion 2:You is (Not) Advance” was out in 2010 and the third part “Evangelion 3: You Are (Not) Redo” was out in 2012.

Studio Khara is the producer of the film. The fourth part is the final one in the Evangelion movie series. To know more about the next section, continue reading the article until the end.

“Evangelion 4” Release date:

After the success of the three parts, the direction for the final part began. The film was initially said to be out in 2015. But due to some issues, the filming paused. Also, news spread that Anno and the crew have some misunderstanding. But nothing was confirmed. In the meantime, Anno got the chance to direct “Shin Godzilla” movie, so the filming didn’t happen. Then the work resumed, and sources said the film would be out on June 27, 2020. But due to the current COVID-19 scenario, the production work is not able to happen. Also, many countries are under complete lockdown, so the release date is postponed. Though no information about the release it yet out, sources say it will be at the end of the year. Also, we have to wait for any official announcement to confirm the news.

“Evangelion 4” Cast:

All the characters from the last seasons might be reprising their roles. Also, the vocals have done an excellent job to give life to the character. It is one of the prime reason for the film’s success. We believe all the vocalists will be here for the next season.

  • Shinji Ikari – Megumi Ogata for Japanese voice and Spike Spencer for English
  • Asuka – Yuko Miyamura for Japanese and Tiffany Grant for English voice
  • Misato – Kotono Mitsuishi for Japanese and Allison Keith for English
  • Kaworu Nagisa – Akira Ishida for Japanese and Jerry Jewell for English

“Evangelion 4” Plot:

The last part concluded giving hope to the next season. Since this is the previous part, we may expect a clean conclusion to all the characters. The third began past 14 years later. After the worldwide cataclysm, which is the third impact, Asuka and Mari find Shinji. The two pilots come across the Evangelion Unit 01 and save the pilot Shinji Ikari. Then Shinji meets Captain Misato and also faces his father. The story draws his life and further circumstances.

“Evangelion” Storyline:

The story is about two aliens—a unique plot with a mix of science-fiction. The story is very captivating and unique. And Shinji Ikari is the protagonist of the story. The final part “Evangelion 4” was screened in Japan Expo at Paris on July 6 2019. Also, the film made a mark in CCG Expo, Shangai and Anime Expo, Los Angeles.

“Evangelion 4” Trailer:

The trailer was out a few days back. Though it doesn’t reveal any information, we can still predict our expectations. We have attached the container for your reference.

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