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First socially-distant concert venue in UK offers glimpse at future of big events

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A Sam Fender show in England highlighted around 2,500 fans isolated in little gatherings on 500 raised stages.

Structure of platforms

Around 2,500 fans assembled on 500 separate raised metal stages at the venue on Tuesday night. The location was Newcastle Tyne, England. British artist-musician Sam Fender offered a potential look into the fate of unrecorded music occasions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Each raised platform at the amphitheater at Newcastle was restricted to a limit of five individuals. The stages were likewise isolated by 6 feet to watch the recommended social distancing measures.

Fans maintained social distancing during the show after being asked not to mingle with other groups of fans.
Fans maintained social distancing during the show after being asked not to interact with other groups. 

Instructions for the fans

Fans were strictly guided about the manner to attend the show. They were asked not to blend in with different fans outside their gathering, and photographs from the occasion indicated individuals remaining inside their little social events on every stage with a lot of separation between them. Concertgoers additionally wore veils while strolling around the scene or getting food and beverages.

Each platform is set up to be more than 6 feet apart from surrounding platforms to observe social distancing.
Each platform is set up to be more than 6 feet apart from other platforms to maintain social distancing. 

 Fender told the BBC at the show that he thinks it’s fantastic that their region is going to lead the way on this. According to him, they’ll be the trailblazers for something that will hopefully continue on through the rest of the pandemic. It’s obviously not going to be exactly the same as a gig, but we all have got to do what we can do.

The show was like the drive-in concerts that were held in the United States this summer but without the cars. Acts like Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Gwen Stefani, and Blake Shelton performed at the venues since the pandemic began.

Sam Fender performs for the sold-out crowd at the pop-up venue in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
Sam Fender performs for the crowd at the pop-up venue in Newcastle.

Mocking The Pandemic

There have been many issues in regards to this. A scene happened at a drive-in show put on by The Chainsmokers last month in Southampton, New York. It drew criticism for thousands of fans standing abreast with only a few wearing masks.

Some bands have also abandoned any precautions. An example is the ’90s band Smash Mouth and a host of other acts playing on Sunday at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. Photos depicted them in front of large crowds with few people wearing masks. Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell also mocked the pandemic during the show.

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