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“Warframe Wisp”: Check out the new, amazing Warframe main and learn about all its cool abilities and more!

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Anyone who is a fan of RPG third-person shooters knows about Warframe. The game has built a massive fanbase for itself over the years. While the game’s initial release didn’t see much positive response, it snowballed into being one of the biggest games. Warframe’s imagery and aesthetic is excellent because of the mains that a players gets to plays as. The creators of the game have released several playable characters, and last year, one more came out. Fans of the game were excited to know the details and the first look. Here’s everything you need to know about the Wisp main from Warfrme and how to unlock it!

Release and Description: “Warframe Wisp.”

The new main’s name is Wisp, and the developers released it on May 22, 2019. They included the frame in Update 25.0 for the game. From the image we have attached below, Wisp seems to be a female entity. The character design is very mysterious and has an ethereal look. The developers describe the character as enigmatic and one that travels between spatial dimensions. This reference alludes to a particular ability we will mention later. Wisp’s design also reminds us of Dark Sector imagery that the studio often uses.

Abilities and Stats: “Warframe Wisp.”

Firstly, let’s talk about the stats of Wisp. The character has 100 Health (300 at rank 30), 75 Shield (max 225), and 175 armour. Wisp’s energy is 200 by default and maxes at 300, while it has a sprint speed of 1.2. Coming to the abilities:

  • Reservoirs- Lets you summon a reservoir of motes to aid you and other team-mates in battle. Different motes have different effects.
  • Wil-O-Wisp- Project a spectral image to misdirect the enemies, and use it to your advantage.
  • Breach Surge- Overwhelm enemies near you with a powerful surge that occurs through a dimensional breach.
  • Sol Gate- Open a portal to blast your enemies with incredibly destructive solar plasma.

How to unlock Wisp: “Warframe Wisp.”

The first step to follow is to unlock Jupiter in Warframe. Then, complete The Sacrifice (final primary story mission), and then finish the Chimera Prologue. After that, go to Jupiter and complete Ganymede Node. Doing this will allow you to fight the Ropalolyst, a boss on Jupiter. The battle is long and challenging but not impossible to win. Head for the Eidolon and watch out for electrical surges. Take cover from the beam attack and then hit the boss until its shields are gone. After that, the fight tells you what to do and repeats, so it isn’t tough to complete. This fight will give you the parts you need for Wisp.

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