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East Med Crisis: Greece says ready for talks with Turkey :click here to know more!

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Greece says on Tuesday it has been preparing for converses with Turkey over contested Mediterranean waters. If Ankara will be keep “separating itself” from the Crisis, following the withdrawal of a Turkish investigation vessel from a disputed area.

About the dispute between two NATO individuals

The long-running dispute between the two NATO individuals erupted a month ago. It erupted when Turkey sent a ship, the Oruc Reis, to review waters claimed by Greece. Greek and Turkish warships shadowing the boat impacted, featuring the potential for military escalation. The European Union said Ankara could confront sanctions.

On Sunday, under about fourteen days before EU pioneers examine the crisis, the Oruc Reis got back to port. Turkey said it would continue work after regular maintenance. But, a senior Turkish authority said it could remain longer to give strategy a possibility.

About the statement of Greek Prime Minister

“Turkey actually has time in front of and after the (EU) highest point to proceed with the main empowering venture of withdrawing itself from this crisis,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said after talks with EU Council President Charles Michel in Athens.

“In the event that we have unmistakable confirmation and this (evidence) is proceeded, we are prepared to begin immediately. I stress that, immediately exploratory talks with Turkey in regards to our only major dispute: the demarcation of maritime zones” in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean, he said.

About the talks between two nations

The two nations had been nearly continuing talks a month ago, after mediation by Germany. However, Turkey broke the contact after Greece and Egypt signed an agreement which Ankara said abused its own cases.

Germany, which as of now holds the EU presidency, has proceeded with its strategic endeavors. It is indicated by the Turkish authority who talked on state of anonymity. Turkey needed to give those endeavors an opportunity of achievement.

Support chip away at the Oruc Reis could be done in seven days, permitting it to return to the disputed area. “However it can remain docked longer to lessen pressures in the region and consider diplomacy”, the authority said.

He said Turkey needed to give an opportunity for EU foreign ministers, who meet on Monday, in front of the Sept 24-25 leaders’ highest point, to make strides towards facilitating the crisis.

About Greek authorities offering expressions relaxing the climate

“Greek authorities have likewise offered expressions relaxing the climate. These are positive. We have to step forward for the solution of the problem now, without pre-conditions.”

Greek and Turkish military authorities were holding separate “de-confliction” talks at NATO base camp on Tuesday. The gathering is one of a series of contacts aiming at preventing any incident at sea spilling over into open conflict, but is not expecting to address the actual disputes.

In spite of getting back to Oruc Reis back for porting, Turkey actually has a drilling ship and a seismic review vessel working in waters guaranteeing by Cyprus, which is requesting EU sanctions on Ankara.

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