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Ahh! Rapper Lil Loaded KILLED [Brutally] in POLICE Custody, after Being Arrested on Murder Suspicion

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Dashawn Robertson, aka Lil Loaded, an aspiring rapper has tragically died at the age of 20. The talented young performer passed away last night and authorities have confirmed his death to be a suicide on Monday morning. Ashkan Mehryari, the rapper’s attorney released a statement confirming the cause of death as being from self-inflicted wounds but is not revealing any more information about what transpired in this tragic event that cost such promising talent for our music industry so soon.

The Dallas rapper, Lil Loaded, has a bright and promising future in the music career. Recording Industry Association of America recently certified his song 6locc6a6y gold on May 25th for more than 29 million views on YouTube.

The 20-year old rapper behind the 2019’s summer hit 6locc 6a6y was tragically murdered. Recording Industry Association of America certified it gold on May 25th while its YouTube views are well over 29 million and counting!

As a result of an arrest warrant last November, the rapper turned himself into authorities. The Sheriff’s Office charged him with murder and he was booked at Dallas County Jail. Reports say that Robertson had been outside Khalil Walker’s home when gunshots rang out back on October 25th; Cameron Walker also reportedly testified against his brother-in-law for this crime as well.

The law has finally caught up to rapper, Roberston. He turned himself into the Dallas County Jail in November of last year after being charged with murder for shooting his best friend 18-year-old Khalil Walker on October 25th while he was outside at a convenience store. Cameron and Robertson both fled from the scene before more shots were fired which killed two bystanders who tried to intervene when they saw him shoot Wilson earlier that morning.

Rapper Lil Loaded Fans are so UpsetAhh! Rapper Lil Loaded KILLED [Brutally] in POLICE Custody, after Being Arrested on Murder Suspicion

Younger people and talented artists are continuously dying, leaving behind devastated fans. For example, Lil Loaded was a rapper who passed away recently after signing with Epic Records in 2019 following his popularity on the single “6locc 6a6y.”

Lil Loaded is a 20-year old rapper who collaborated with Chicago’s own King Von, before his untimely death last December. The single Avatar has amassed more than six million views on YouTube and the release of Criptape in 2020 after their debut mixtape 6locc6a6y was an even bigger hit for Lil Load that gathered over 39 million views on YouTube!

The rapper was charged with one count of manslaughter in March 2021. They were set to appear on the hearing for their murder case at a court date next month, June 1st.

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