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Spotify not playing songs?? Steps for resolving the issue | Latest | 2021 | HACK!!! Music Lovers!!!

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Spotify not playing songs

Spotify not playing songs: Do your Spotify not playing songs out of nowhere ?? It’s frustrating if that happens. How to solve this issue?? If you are having this issue right now, then you came into the right place. We will give you some solution for the problem. Read on to find your answer.

Spotify is one of the most common and commonly used online music streaming platforms, and users can listen to songs at any time and from any place. However, several claims have surfaced, indicating that Spotify does not play songs on any PC or handheld devices for an unexplained cause. Fortunately, a few simple solutions to the Spotify not playing songs issue are detailed below.

Several posts on the Spotify community claim that when users or subscribers press the button on a song, it does not play at all. The critical issue now is that the Spotify software (desktop or mobile or mac) does not show any error message or specific cause. As a result, users have no idea what is causing this issue.

Any of the impacted users believe that there are problems with Spotify’s servers or that the software has crashed. However, we’ve mentioned several other potential workarounds below that should work in most situations. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the step-by-step guidance below.

Spotify not playing songs

How to resolve Spotify not playing songs?

To be more precise, ensure that the music playing progress bar is going, the sound volume is switched on, your Spotify desktop/mobile app is up to date, you try rebooting your computer and check your internet connectivity. After that, make sure that you do not have any other problems.


Restarting the Spotify Application :

If you’re using the Spotify web platform or smartphone app, make sure to restart it if Spotify not playing songs. Simply restarting the software would clear the temporary networking bug or cache files, and it will be back on track in most cases.

So, you have to close the Spotify app and then relaunch it and see how this works. If this is not the case, proceed to the next solution mentioned below id =f your Spotify not playing songs.


Restarting the device :

As with the Spotify program, it is also strongly advised to reset the system (computer/mobile). Restarting the smartphone will reset the system and help you resolve if Spotify not playing songs due to a bug or a network access issue. Simply giving it a shot while being one of the most traditional tricks plays a significant role.


Check Your Network Connection :

If your Spotify not playing songs There’s likely a problem with your internet service that’s causing you problems when listening to online streaming songs. And sure to test the PC’s wired (ethernet) internet connectivity. Otherwise, if you’re using Wi-Fi, consider rebooting the router to clear any minor bugs.

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Check If There Is Enough Space :

If you’re a premium Spotify user and discover that your Spotify app isn’t playing music, be sure to search the limited storage space on your computer and handheld device. You’ve likely downloaded a large number of tracks to listen to them offline, and you don’t have enough available space to run the app smoothly right now.

As a result, you can delete the local files from Spotify, which take up most of the storage space on your system. Here the procedure :

  • Launch the Spotify app and Sign in to your account
  • Now go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Here you will find the “Local Files” section. Just uncheck the “Show Local Files.”
  • After that, exits from your app and reboot your system.
  • Run Spotify again to see if your problem exists.

If you want to download songs and play them offline, make sure you have enough space on your device.


Resynchronize Spotify :

It goes without saying that if you are a paid subscriber to Spotify and choose to download your favorite tracks and listen to them offline, you must first connect to the internet and begin using it. To use the online cloud-based streaming services, you must connect to the internet and re-sync the software or service. If you haven’t linked to the internet in a month, your downloaded songs can not play offline mode due to out-of-sync status.

Spotify not playing songs

Disable Crossfade Feature :

Crossfading is a useful function that allows for seamless transitions between songs with no gaps in replay timing. However, it is possible that it would not always work as intended, causing replay problems for certain unlucky users. If the Spotify app has a crossfading replay feature, try turning it off and see if that solves the problem. Here the way to disable it :

  • Launch the Spotify app and Sign in to your account.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu and from there select “Show Advanced Settings.”
  • Click on “Playback“, and from there, uncheck the “Crossfade” option.
  • Even you can change the timing to 5 to 0 seconds without disabling this feature.
  • Now reboot the app and try to play your songs.

Spotify not playing songs

Change Music Streaming Quality:

Changing the music listening quality for online audio streaming services is one of the most popular and practical ways to resolve various playback-related issues quickly. It’s also likely that the very high content triggers playback problems due to the slow internet connection. Here the way to do it :

  • Launch the Spotify app and Sign in to your account.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu and from there select “Music Quality.”
  • Change the audio quality to default or automatic.
  • Premium Users will get the “Very High” quality as an option. But for it, you need a stable internet connection.


Reinstall Spotify :

Reinstalling the software, program, or game, on the other hand, will still come in handy for a significant number of users. So, corrupted application data will trigger a variety of issues with app launching, efficiency, network access, and so on, which is all too prevalent these days. If you’re having problems, it’s still a good idea to reinstall the program.

So, if you’re using the Spotify Desktop or Mobile app, uninstall it and restart your computer. After that, go to the Official Spotify Download page and download the new updated version for your platform. Following that, you need to install it.

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Contact Support:

If no solution is working, then there is the only option for you is contacting support. Try to contact Spotify support for more assistance. You can directly send a message to the official Twitter page or email them about your problem.

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  • Can You download music in mp3 format through Spotify?

Ans: No, since there will be no way to prevent abuse, this is not likely. Both Spotify data files are encrypted and must be decoded using the Spotify app.

  • Does Spotify support Chromecast?

Ans: Well, indeed! Spotify works on both Connect and Chromecast devices.

  • Can You share Premium Spotify accounts?

Ans: Spotify is not built to make it easy for people to share accounts. Since only one device can play music simultaneously, only one person can listen to music at once.


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