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How to cancel Twitch prime? CANCEL Twitch prime in 5 steps! EXCLUSIVE Easy Ways!!!! Amazing!!!

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How to cancel Twitch prime? Everything you need to know about the online streaming platform “Twitch prime” and how to cancel Twitch Prime!


How to cancel Twitch prime: Amidst the pandemic, the e-sports industry has certainly gained more popularity from the youth. Many young gaming personalities came to the limelight after receiving millions of views from yoaudiencesence from streaming platforms like Youtube, FacebLivelive, and Twitch. Amthesethis, Twitch was the sought-after platform especially for live gaming streams like PUBG, CounterstriFortniteNite, and many more!

Today we’ll discuss out what is Twitch, what are the uses of twitch, evdetailails about twitch p, rime, and how to cancel twitch prime. Read below to know more about How to cancel Twitch prime!

Twitch: Everything you need to know about Twitch! Read to know more

How to cancel Twitch prime

Twitch is an online leading streaming platform that was launched on June 6,,2011 for streaming games, e-sports events, music, Commentary, shows, contentments, podc, arts, and live gaming sessions. Twitch is now a very popular platform used by many famous gaming personalitiYouTubersbers including Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja, Turner Tenney aka Tfue who is known for streaming Fortnite, CarryMinati from India who is known for playing, PUBG and lastly Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud who is known for playing Counter-Strike, call of duty and so on.

Launched in 2011, Twitch has gained a hundred million viewers and streamers about 3 million and it keeps on increasing every single day.

Twitch streaming platform is a subsidiary owned by Amazon.com and the founders are Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel, Kyle Vogt, and Kevin Lin. Twitch is in partnership with Blizzard Entertainment and Overwatch League.

Twitch has two types of services for its viewers, one is a paid version where you can get access to ad-free shows, storage, and premium content and the other one is a free version where you get access to videos with more ads. Twitch is available for both pc and mobile. Twitch even allows the viewers to contribute money towards their favorite streamer.

Some other features in Twitch include a chat box in the right of the streaming video where viewers can comment and even get an answer from the famous streamer himself. The paid version allows the viewers to have special badges that make them unique, free subscription to channels, free games

Twitch Prime: All about the Twitch prime details

How to cancel Twitch prime

Twitch prime is one of the services offered by Twitch where a user gets exclusive perks like exclusive prime member badges, add free streaming, exclusive prime members chat, shout out from streamers, free games that can be downloaded, free game loots, Unique emoticons and not to mention free subscription each month.

How to get Twitch Prime? Read below to know more!

There are two ways in which you can get Twitch Prime:

Twitch Prime membership:

Since Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon, users who already have Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscriptions can directly link their accounts to get access to Twitch Prime.  If not, they need to purchase one to get access to Twitch Prime.

  • Open the twitch website and Sign in to your twitch prime portal.
  • Click the Try Prime option that is located on the top left of the screen
  • click the “start your free trial” option
  • There you can see “activate twitch prime”
  • Press that option and link your amazon prime account

You can even try this option:

  • log in to your Amazon account
  • Press the Account & Lists button situated in the top right corner
  • A drop-down box appears, Press “your account”
  • Click the “prime”
  • You can see your prime membership details, press the “stream”
  • There you can prime video, press the arrow on the right, and Twitch prime will display
  • Press “Explore twitch prime”
  • You’ll be redirected to twitch.amazon.com
  • Press “Activate twitch prime”
  • Select your country
  • Now you’ll get to see link twitch account to amazon prime account
  • follow the steps and now you’re an official twitch prime member. Enjoy.
  • or if you don’t want to follow all these steps, just go ahead and search twitch prime membership in google
  • There you can see Sign up for prime gaming today, click the link, and proceed.

Note: Unfortunately, twitch prime is not available in certain countries including India!

If you’re a new member to twitch and do not have an amazon prime account, you can start an afresh Prime account or Prime video subscription and connect your twitch account as it has more benefits.

How to CANCEL twitch prime? Read to find out!

Since there are two methods for getting access to twitch prime, there are two methods to cancel the twitch prime as well!

Method 1: Unlinking your amazon prime account

  • In your twitch portal, locate settings that will appear in the drop-down box of your profile icon
  • Press the connections option and click “Disconnect” near your amazon account
  • This will cancel the twitch prime only and not your amazon prime account if you wish to keep it.

Method 2: The other method is where you cancel the Amazon prime in order to cancel the twitch prime account

  • Log into your amazon prime account
  • Under ‘Accounts & lists’, press “Your prime membership”
  • Navigate the “End membership & benefits” option and click on it.
  • It’ll provide you with three options: Remind me later, I do not want my benefits and I want to keep my benefits.
  • Press “I do not want my benefits”

Your prime subscription will not be renewed from now on.


Q1. Is twitch prime available in India?

NO, twitch prime is currently not available in India.

Q2. Can we link twitch prime with amazon prime?

Yes, you can! If you have an Amazon prime or prime video subscription, you already have access to twitch prime. It is only that you need to enable it.

Q3. What are some perks of being a twitch prime member?

You’ll have access to an exclusive prime members badge, free subscription, and games.



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