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Shocking! Dark Tourist Season 2 Is Coming Or Not? Release date Confirmed? To Know The Details Read More

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Dark tourist season 2 is coming or not??, Dark Tourist is a Tv series released by Netflix Originals on 20/07/2018, it was a travel documentary but with a little twist, it was not like the fun in traveling it was about death and destruction, As the name saying itself “Dark Tourist” this series is about people having fascination about peoples death.

So the main character of dark tourist is David Farrier who’s real name is also David Farrier he was loved by the public so much they admired and appreciated him. In the first season, David farrier travels the world where violence has taken place and tragedies happened as he travels to Colombia where so many people died under Pablo Escobar’s reign, and in Japan, he traveled to Hiroshima and Nagasaki where people died because of the dropping of atom bombs.

dark tourist season2


About Dark Tourist :

dark tourist is a travel documentary, in English language, written by David Farrier and paul Horan, produced by Polly Fryer by Razor Films fumes, Netflix is the distributor of dark tourist, there is only one season and there are 8 episodes in that of 39 to 40 minutes.

The cast of Dark Tourist ;

David Farrier, Michael Cudlitz, Melanie Griffith, Zachery Ty Bryan, Frank John Hughes, Pruit Taylor Vince, Suzane DeLaurentiis, Suzanne Quast, and more.

dark tourist season 2

Dark Tourist Season 1

In the first part of dark tourism, it was shown that traveling is not about only going to beaches, mountains, and any beautiful destination. but some people are interested in vising dark places, where people died due to any accidental or natural tragedy, where there is a history behind people death, and Journalist David Farrier was one of them who loves to unfold that tragedies by visiting different places in the world, In every episode he goes to different dark places and tries to know about every death story,  there were so many places that he added in his bucket list. from a nuclear lake to a haunted forest farrier traveled so many unusual places in eight episodes of season 1.

In episode 1 in the first episode, David travels to Medellin in Colombia, where he researches the legacy of Pablo Escobar. with Escobar’s former hitman he travels to  La Catedral, and after that, he went to Mexico City, where he came to know about exorcism.

In the second episode, David travels to Tomioka, where he investigates nuclear tourism and sees other tourists soaking radiation left behind in Fukushima, then he leaves for Aokigahara, a suicide hot spot.

in the third episode, David goes to a play named Jeffrey Dahmer, where he meets the serial killer fans and again he left for New Orleans where he meets the real vampires.

in the fourth episode, he travels to almost the most nuked place for atomic swimming and fishing. then he joins a group that spends money to attend a Russian rocket launch in Kazakhstan.

in the fifth episode, David visits a ghost city in Cyprus and goes to the most shocking and bizarre museum.

in the sixth episode, David visits a village in Indonesia where people dig up their dead.

in the seventh, episode  David Farrier reached the city of Ouidah in southern Benin, which’s considered the home of Voodoo. As if to prove it, we’re shown that a goat is killed, and a man horsewhips it around in his mouth. That’s a bit Voodoo-like, is it not? Farrier also meets a Voodoo priestess named Martine. directly David gets into the spiritual talk. We’re told that a spirit she reverences, Thron, said a white man was coming to be her follower. Apparently, David is that white man

David meets Charles Manson obsessives — including one fighting for ownership of Manson’s dead body — before training for the apocalypse with doomsday preppers; he checks into the infamous McKamey Villa, where people pay to be mistreated and tortured.

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Dark Tourist Season 2 is canceled

Yes, Dark Tourist season 2 is not coming, Dark Tourist is ended, I am not joking, its the truth, yes this is so disappointing to hear and accept but its the truth Dark Tourist season one was the first and last season of dark tourist this news is confirmed by David Farrier itself, on January third he posted on his Instagram that Dark Tourist season 2 isn’t coming, in that he shared one picture from his last shoots of dark tourist season 1 he wrote in the caption that ” I get so many questions about dark tourist season 2 ( which we are not making! sorry its a one-off! also pandemic, please stay in your bubble). I have gone through all my google docs, cleaned them up a little, and shared the very rough season 2 outline, I would put together with my colleague Justin, there are some fun ideas in there so seemed silly to have them sitting there just for me. the whole season outline is o webworm right now for members.” This is very disappointing news for fans that dark tourist season 2 is not coming.

so in this caption, he clearly said that season two is not coming and said his fans to stay safe in this pandemic.

It is hard to hear and accept that Dark tourist season 2 is not coming. Dark tourist is ended.

See the post shared by David Farrier.https://www.instagram.com/p/CJjknq5BYFq/?hl=en



dark tourist season 2

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1 what is mean by Dark Tourism?

Dark tourism is also related to travel but it’s different from traveling for vacation, Dark tourism or black tourism is traveling to places where death, disasters, tragedy, violence took place.  monuments and museums  are also known as dark tourism sites because these places relate to people’s death. some dark tourism places are the ruins of Pompeii, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site, the 9/11 memorial, Gettysburg battlefield.


2 Places David Farrier Travels in Dark Tourist?

in every episode, David travels to different places like in the first episode he traveled to Latin America, and in the second he went to Japan, in the third to the United States, in fourth  The Stans, in fifth Europe, in sixth Southeast Asia, in seventh to Africa, in eight and last episode to back in the USA.

3 More shows like a dark tourist

Somebody Feed Phil, High Score, Broken, Dirty Money, Breakfast lunch and dinner, etc.

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