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Rihanna Spotted Kissing A$AP Rocky in Pink Braless Dress As She went on Rare Public Date Night

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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky hit up Barcade in New York City on June 23, which was a great date night for these two. They were swarmed by media outside of the building, but with his arm around her protectively as they walked away from the crowds; it’s clear that Rihanna has found someone who values her privacy just as much she does! On their way out of Barcade to escape all those prying eyes (and cameras), you could see how happy this couple is: he looked down at the stunning woman he loves-her plunging pink dress an indication that if there’s one thing we know about RiRi it’s that when she wants something sexy.

Rihanna was spotted on a date with her rapper boyfriend, A$AP Rocky in New York Wednesday night. She put on an eye-catching display wearing Barbie pink slip dress that had a daring thigh-high slit!

Rihanna accessorized her outfit with a pair of beaded necklaces and wore open-toed heels to match. She accentuated the look with matching earrings, lipstick, and handbag. Meanwhile, photographers caught RiRi inside the bar kissing Drake in front of everyone! The pop star was all smiles as they shared one romantic kiss before going their separate ways for now.Rihanna Spotted Kissing A$AP Rocky in Pink Braless Dress As She went on Rare Public Date Night

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna’s relationship had been developing for years before the coronavirus pandemic. When COVID hit, they were both able to spend time together in a world without paparazzi or social media documenting their every move. They became inseparable as A$AP helped keep her safe from all of the dangers that came with being famous during an outbreak like this one: hungry reporters, crazed fans wanting selfies with celebrities…

A$AP Rocky spilled the beans on his life-long love, Rihanna. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, he revealed that they took an epic road trip across America this summer and confirmed how amazing their relationship is by saying “she amounts to probably like one million of other ones”.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are in a hot-and-heavy relationship! Rihanna’s latest date night with her new beau, the well-known rapper from Harlem, was photographed. The two were seen walking hand in hand on the streets of New York City before heading to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants.

The famous Barbados native took him home to spend Christmas together as well when she picked up some time for herself during her break between tour dates last year.

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