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Attention! The A-list season 2 is coming with 2nd season? Confirmed? The A-List is a supernatural British teen drama created by Anne Brogan

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The A-List is a supernatural British teen drama created by Anne Brogan, written by its a mystery and thriller series. The first season was released on October 25, 2018, by BBC iPlayer, in the first series, there are thirteen episodes. The main character of The A list is Mia, who arrives at a summer camp on an island that turns out to hold dark secrets. Firstly the show was released by BBC player but later in August 2019 it came out on Netflix also, And after the launch of The A-List on Netflix this show gained popularity and after seeing this reaction of viewers, Netflix decided to launch the series of “The A-List” as The A-List Season 2.

What happens in season 1, who played the characters and how it ended and what is the release date of The A-List Season 2, and its cast and Plot, Read the whole article for knowing details of The A List‘s previous season and the upcoming season.

the a-list season 2

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What Happens in the first season of “The A-List”?

The story of ‘The A List’ begins with a summer camp on an island, Mia is the main character of the series, when she reached the island, a boy Brendan caught her attention, and suddenly romance starts to begin, but then another girl enters on the island, “Amber”, and she too gets interested in Brendan, and then Amber turns against her and she destroyed her reputation in front of her friends and also in front of Brendan. then Mia wanted to leave the island as soon as possible, but she fails every time because of the network issues, then mia tries to find out Amber’s secrets, and then unexpected things start to happen.

What happens in the last episode of ” The A-List”

In the last Alex injects a drug in  Amber body and Ambers control of the supernatural things breaks and she fells on the ground, and when she wakes up she said:  “She’s gone. I can feel it. Finally! Midge is gone. Midge is gone.” and she was so happy at that time for getting rid of Midge, but then Midge hands  her hand shoots out from the cliff  behind Amber, and Boom! she is alive again.

and then she makes fun of everyone by saying “Who You Used to Be” closing narration, where she promises, “What we think is dead and gone is only lost for a while… Like me.”

Release Date Of The A-List Season 2

According to an interview with the producer of the ‘The A-List” Anne Brogan, the first season of The A-List was only made for releasing on BBC iPlayer for competing with the other teen dramas like Riverdale, but later the success of the series got the attention of Netflix and then Netflix decides to release The A-List on Netflix. and then BBC decides to leave The A-List in the hands of Netflix for more upcoming seasons.

According to an interview with the writer of The A-List, the second season of the series is going to be released by December 2019, but one year is passed, and “The A-List season 2” is not released yet may it’s because of this pandemic situation. but the good news the release date of The A-List season 2 is out and it is coming on June 25, 2021, on Netflix itself save the date!

Trailer of The A-List Season 2

Yes fans waited so long for any update of the A-List Season 2 so finally, we can watch the trailer of the second season on youtube it was uploaded by Netflix on May 28, 2021.

here is the link to the trailer of The A list season 2.


  • The Character of Mia was played by Lisa Ambalavanar, in season 1 and she is also coming I The A-List season 2.and the other member of the cast is
  • the character of Dave by Cian Barry
  • Amber by Ellie Duckles,
  • Dev named character is going to play by Jacob Dudman
  • Savannah Baker is going to play the character of Savannah Baker.
  • the character of Harry is by Benjamin Nugent
  • Jenna by Eleanor Bennett.

there are also some other names like Brendan, Zac, Loka, Mags, Midget, and Petal by Micheal Ward, Jack Kane, Max Lohan, Nneka Okoye, I Indiana Ryan, and Georgina Sadler. these faces are expected to be seen in The A-List Season 2. News faces are also coming like a middle-aged woman who will be in charge of mysterious facilities, but there is no official announcement by Netflix related to the new character of the list season 2 so, the thing we can do is wait for the release of the list season 2.

The A-List Season 2 Plot

from the trailer, we can get few hints related to the plot of the list season 2, but still, the trailer is a trailer we cant guess the story about how it’s going to start and how it’s going to end.


Number of Episodes

In the first season, there were 13 episodes, named as

  1. Here She Is at Last
  2. Take Back Control
  3. To Become a Queen
  4. Capture the King
  5. In for the Kill
  6. Far from Home
  7. Nothing Can Survive Alone
  8. All That’s Left of Us
  9. Who You Used to Be
  10. Poison
  11. What You Left Behind
  12. Run, Mia, Run
  13. The Last Dove


and in the second season of The A-List, there are a total number of 8 episodes and luckily all the episodes are coming on the same date 25 June 2021 on Netflix.


Peregrine Island Is real?

in the A list, the island they went to for summer camp is Peregrine Island, there is also a video game where there is

Peregrine Island, but this is not an island named Peregrine it’s totally fictional.

What happens when Luka meets Mia?

the character of Luka comes unexpectedly in “The A-List” Luka is a criminal who runs away from prison and hid on the island, and Luka and Mia meet and becomes friends and helps out each other in that difficult situations.

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