June 30, 2021

Trump visit: Texas Democrats Representing Border Districts Slam

"This is just another example of the chaos that has been coming out of this administration. The President and Governor are not only distracting us from our real issues, but they're also ignoring the good news stories about what's happening in South Texas," said Rep Vela
In a statement released on Wednesday evening by Gov. Abbott he explains "The truth remains: we can't secure America without securing our border."
"President Trump was right to point out how important it is for Congress to finally act after years of inaction as I have done everything within my power - including deploying more than 100 National Guard members-to fight illegal immigration at its source."

"Instead of prioritizing Texans and making sure we grow our economy and get people back to work, Governor Abbott is creating a distracting media circus with a failed former president," said Vela, who in 2016 gained national prominence for telling then-candidate Trump to "take your border wall and shove it up to your ass."Trump visit: Texas Democrats Representing Border Districts Slam

"Let’s make one thing clear: the narrative of a violent and insecure border region is blatantly false. The border is not a war zone, and the wall Abbott and Trump are trying to get Texans to pay for is not only a waste of their hard-earned money but also an un-American symbol of hatred that separates and intimidates our communities, harms our wildlife, and encroaches on landowner rights," added Vela. President Trump and Texas Governor Abbott are holding a round table meeting with former officials of the administration, including ex-CBP commissioner Mark Morgan and DHS acting secretary Chad Wolf. The visit was timed to coincide with the congressional delegation from the conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC).
Members of RSC trekked into the wilderness for "interaction" on Tuesday night where they blamed President Biden while speaking to would-be asylum seekers—mostly children in most cases who were unaccompanied by their parents or guardians.

After a round table meeting with Trump, Abbott, and many other officials, the former president is expected to visit an asylum seekers' camp. This will happen on Wednesday at 11 am during his tour of Texas's southern border region. The Republican Study Committee met up in Congress Tuesday night for what they called "a congressional delegation from the conservative Republican Study Committee."

President Trump's visit to the border comes as he has re-started his rally schedule, and is touting his border management policies. One of these includes the construction of a wall which was always contentious in this area because many Hispanic inhabitants are more conservative than Hispanics from other parts of the country who jealously guard their property rights and connection with cities on the Mexican side border.

“Inviting the former president, who incited the January 6th insurrection in an effort to overthrow the government and prevent the peaceful transition of power, is nothing short of a slap in the face to South Texans. And wasting taxpayer dollars to promote the construction of a border wall instead of correcting the failed electrical grid  is bad leadership that is further putting Texans’ lives at risk," said González.

"Instead of coming down to try and divide people by misrepresenting the border community on the national stage, I urge the Governor to work together to enact meaningful policy solutions that will bring real border security," he added, endorsing the Biden administration's approach of addressing the root causes of regional migration.

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