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Latest News! Will There Be a Punisher Season 3 Or Not? It Is Renewed or Cancelled? Confirmed? Cast, Plot Updates

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Will, there be a Punisher season 3 or not, there is a lot of confusion occurred related to the renewed and cancellation of Punisher Season 3, after the release of season 2 it was officially announced that Punisher Season 3 is not coming, after hearing this, fans were so disappointed because they were expecting more, there are few things that still to be known by them. The story is not finished for viewers. so scroll down to know if the producer changed their mind about bringing Punisher season 3 or it is already canceled?. In this article, we find out “will there be a punisher season 3 ?”.  The biggest question in fans’ minds is the “will there be a punisher season 3”.


punisher season 3

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“The Punisher” Overview

The Punisher is an American series released on Netflix on 17 November 2017 – Jan 18, 2019, created by Steve Lightfoot, it is based on the marvel comics character of the same name, The Punisher is an Action, conspiracy thriller, crime drama. composed by Tyler Bates. the storyline of the Punisher is After the murder of the family of Frank Castle, Marine veteran Frank Castle becomes the avenger known as “The Punisher,” whose only aim to punish them who killed his wife and children. there are a total of two seasons of ” The Punisher” episodes are named as

  1. “3 AM”,
  2. “Two Dead Men”,
  3. “Kandahar”
  4. “Resupply”
  5. Gunner”,
  6. ‘ the Judas Goat’,
  7. “Crosshairs”
  8. “Cold Steel”
  9. “Front Toward Enemy”
  10. “Virtue of the Vicious”
  11. “Danger Close”
  12. Home”
  13. “Memento Mori”

Will There Be A Punisher Season 3?

After the show got suspended there was dissatisfaction among the people. While the need for season 3 of the punisher was still there, everything was gradually getting dark. Then there was another big announcement by the main star of the punisher. The star Jon Bernthal has announced that there are possibilities for season 3 to happen. The actor admitted this in an interview by saying, “It’s unbelievably humbling how much people sort of responded to this version of Frank, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me because he means so much to me. He’s in my blood, he’s in my bones… So it’s not about whether we do it, it’s about getting it right, and doing the version that the fans deserve. We’ll see. I mean, all of those decisions are made in rooms I am not invited into… But Frank’s always there, he’s always a part of me. And when we get the call to go, I’ll be ready, and I’ll make sure that I do everything I can to make sure that we do it right, or we won’t do it at all.”

He also disclosed how he loves to act as the Punisher and he has a personal bond with that character. As the Main lead has already shown his interest in the series by saying that “There is always hope”, we can hope for some good news. So, the answer to the question “will there be a punisher season 3” is there is some hope that punisher season 3 is coming.

Maybe the fans of “The Punisher” will hear the good news soon officially by Netflix.

Release Date of The Punisher Season 3

it is very disappointing for the fans of ” The Punisher’ that there are very low chances of renewed of The Punisher season 3,  the reason is Netflix has canceled its tie-up with Marvel in Feb 2019.

but there is the possibility that maybe The Punisher season 3 will be released on Disney+ because last year “Disney +” owns the marvel series now, and it is also expected that the third part of the punisher will be released in 2021. but still, there is no official release date announced yet, so we can’t tell you any confirmed date. Hope you got the answer to the question “will there be a punisher season 3”.


Why Netflix Canceled the series?

Marvel and Netflix tied up in 2013, but in Feb 2019 Netflix broke this Tie-up there is no reason disclose by Netflix regarding the cancellation of the punisher season 3, but there are rumors about it like

  1. Marvel shows are costly to produce,
  2.  Maybe Only Marvel lovers showing interest in this type of series, so many the number of viewers are less in the punisher than any other show.
  3.  Maybe there was a lack of management,
  4. there is also one more reason is that Netflix tie-up with Marvel to gain the attention of the public, and later he is confident enough to produce a hit series by himself.

If there will be “The Punisher season 3” then the Expected Cast is?

Always, there is a great role of the casts in the achievement of a TV series. If The Punisher: Season3 got broadcasted then there are chances of some of the old colors from previous seasons returning here. It totally depends whether the casts would be picked up from where they are left off in the earlier series or take other casts in the series in a new way. The expected star casts are:

  • Jon Bernthal As Frank Castle (acting as a construction worker during daytime and ‘Punisher’, an avenger in the night).
  • Giorgia Whigham as Amy Bendix
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach as David Lieberman / Micro (Frank’s tech guy)
  • Jaime Ray Newman as Sarah Lieberman (wife of David Lieberman).
  • Amber Rose who plays Dinah Madani,
  • Ben Barnes as Billy Russo,
  • Jason Moore as Curtis Hoyle,
  • Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont,
  •  Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1 The punisher in the series is a good guy or bad?

In season 1 and season 2 the role played by the main character as punisher, he is not a hero as well as a villain, in the starting he was very kind and a good man, but after losing his family, he becomes violent and wanted to take revenge from the murderers, so we cant say he is a full hero or a  dreaded villain.

Q 2 Netflix canceled the Punisher season 3 because of low ratings?

No, definitely not, The punisher part one and Part two were loved by the public so much that’s why the IMDb ratings of The Punisher is 8.5 out of 10 and 87% of people liked the show, and its audience rating is 4.8 stars, which is enough to show that this marvel series is loved by viewers so much.

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