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Joseph Sikora wife! EXCLUSIVE 2022 UPDATE Sneak peek into the actor’s love life!

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Who is Joseph Sikora’s wife? Everything you need to know about the actor’s marital life! Read more to find out!

Joseph Sikora is an American actor who is best known for his role as Tommy Egan in Power. Joseph Sikora has also appeared in several movies and television series primarily as a supporting role or in a lead role.

joseph sikora wife

According to the sources provided on the internet, Joseph Sikora tied the knot with a makeup artist named Tania Ribalow aka Tania Sikora. Although information about Joseph Sikora and Tania Ribalow’s relationship is not known to the public, many sources suggest that they are leading a secret married life for seven years. The Chicago-born actor sure is to have a sweet and secret relationship!

Apart from this, Joseph Sikora is also rumored to be having past relationships with other famous actresses.

Today we’ll be reading about who is Joseph Sikora, Joseph ‘sSikora’s wife, the actor’s current relationship status, and many more! Go on and read below to find more about Joseph ‘sSikora’s wife!

joseph sikora wife


Joseph Sikora: Biography | Who is Joseph Sikora? READ to know more!

Name: Joseph Sikora

Date of Birth: 27 June 1976

Born: Chicago,

Birth sign: Cancer

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Polish Decent (mixed)

Relationship status: Married

Wife: Tania Ribalow

Children: No

Profession: Actor

Best known for Tommy Egan on Power, a crime series

Instagram handle: josephsikora4

Twitter handle: JosephSikora4

Snapchat : josephsikora4

Eye color: Brown

Height: 6 feet 2 inches approx.

Religion: Christianity (Not confirmed)

Networth: 3 million to 6 million dollars

The above information is pooled from various sources so we cannot confirm them to be true.

Joseph Sikora’s marriage! Who is Joseph ‘sSikora’s wife? Read below to know more!

Yes, you read that right! There is a Mrs. Sikora!

Joseph Sikora tied the knot with a makeup artist and girlfriend named Tania Ribalow. Even now, many people are not believing it!

So who is Tania Ribalow? What is she doing? where is she currently living? Yeah, We understand your questions! Go on and read to find about Tania Ribalow!

According to the sources provided on the internet, Tania Ribalow is basically a New York-based Makeup artist. It is also said that they had their wedding vows exchanged during Joseph Sikora’s audition for Power, crime series.

Tania Ribalow has worked in many well-known and award-winning films and series as a makeup artist. She’s a quite popular and famous New York-based makeup artist. Some of her works include Irish man, The Joker, Side effects, Get smart, The kitchen, The greatest snowman, The only living boy in New York, Vinyl, The Knick, Hostages, Nurse Jackie, New years eve, Justin Bieber: never say never, American candidate, She hate me, P.S., Camp, Jersey guy, Feed the Beast, The kitchen and many more!

Joseph Sikora’s wife Tania Ribalow also got nominated for Emmy awards twice.

It is to be noted that all this information is pooled from sources found on the internet.

This is the only information we got from the sources that are available on the internet. We will surely update this article if we get any updates regarding Joseph Sikora’s wife!

Joseph Sikora met his wife on the set of Boardwalk empire and there started their love story.

Joseph Sikora’s wife: Joseph Sikora and Tania Ribalow| How did Joseph overcome his issues?

Interestingly, Joseph Sikora has anger management issues in his real life. Yeah, his character Tommy Egan too is portrayed as a guy who exhibits anger now and then.

Tania is the one who helped Joseph Sikora during his tough times and urged him to attend anger management classes to overcome his issue! The pair surely looks out for each other.

Joseph Sikora wife HIGHLIGHTS

  • Joseph Sikora got married secretly to his lover Tania Ribalow in 2014
  • Joseph Sikora confirmed his relationship with Tania Ribalow by a Twitter post by mentioning the term “the wife” in his Twitter caption
  • It is said that Tania Ribalow is a New York-based makeup artist
  • The couple currently lives in Manhattan
  • In one of Sikora’s interviews, he mentioned that the pair first met each other at Boardwalk empires and it was love at first sight

The Twitter post caption:

So, I and the wife took the 7 bus from Florence to Fiesole, just outside the city to the church of San Francesco, and this nice fella,

hook me up with some nice grappa and where to go in Firenze(Florence). Thanks, man.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q1. Who is Joseph Sikora?

Joseph Sikora is an American professional actor, known best for his role as Tommy Egan in Power Series.

Q2. Who is Joseph Sikora wife?

Joseph  Sikora married his long term love Tania Ribalow

Q3. Who is Tania Ebalow?

Tania Ebalow is Joseph Sikora wife. Tania Ebalow is a New York-based makeup artist.

Q3. Is Joseph Sikora gay?

There were gay rumors about Joseph Sikora. But, Joseph Sikora is not gay and also the actor did not respond to the questions posted by his fans about him being gay.

Q4. Who is Tommy Egan?

Joseph Sikora played the role of Tommy Egan in the Power series, a crime drama that aired between 2014 to 2020.

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