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Black Bullet Season 2 Release date confirmed? Animation Series Black Bullet Adapted from Light Novel is going to renewed or it’s cancelled

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It has been six years since season 1 of the Black bullet is released, but still, fans are waiting for Black bullet season 2, They still hope that their favorite light novel and the manga series will get another season, it shows their love for Black Bullet, so in this article, you will get to know everything about Black Bullet season 2, read till the last to know every detail.

black bullet season 2

The black bullet which is also called Burakku Baratto, released in 2014 it is science fiction based on a light novel series of the same name. Shiden Kanzaki wrote the light novel series and it was published on July 10, 2011. and later this light novel series made into a Manga series that got published on August 27, 2012. after few years, the Black bullet was made an anime television series, adapted from Manga series, and its first season was released on April 8, 2014. In 2021 a biological agent is known as the Gastrea Virus suddenly occurred and destroyed most of the planet’s population. After ten years of living in anxiety, humanity manipulates a newly unearthed metal called Varanium to construct various monolithic structures which protect against the virus. Born into a world on the border of collapse, Promoter Rentaro Satomi and the ten-year-old Initiator Enju Aihara of the Tendo Civil Security Agency work dangerous goals, in the hope of one day liberate society from the panic of the Gastrea Virus.

Episodes of Season 1

in the first season, there are 13 episodes the title of the episodes and their released date are

  • S1, Ep1 8 Apr. 2014 Last hope
  • S1, Ep2 15 Apr. 2014 The Mask Madness
  • S1, Ep3 22 Apr. 2014 The Children of mate
  • S1 Ep4 29 Apr. 2014 black bullet
  • S1, Ep5 6 May 2014 The Crimson black Assasin
  • S1, Ep6 13 May 2014 Tragic Irony
  • S1, Ep7 20 May 2014 the still, moonlit night, the sky at dawn
  • S1, Ep8 27 May the monument on the border
  • S1 Ep8 3 June 2014 the guardians of the barrier
  • S1, Ep10 10 Jun. 2014 The battle for Tokyo
  • S1, Ep11 17 Jun. 2014 The Heart of Taurus, the lance of light.
  • S1, Ep12 24 Jun. 2014 Crisis point
  • S1, Ep13 1 Jul. 2014 They who would be gods

.Black Bullet Season 2 is Renewed is Cancelled?

It has been six years regarding any news of Black Bullet season 2, its first season came in 2014, and 2020 is going on, but finally, there is one good news given by Kinema/Citrus Studio and that is Black Bullet Season 2 is going to release until July 2020, but sadly July is passed and still, it is not released, maybe it got delayed because of this pandemic, but still we hope for the best and soon we will be blessed by Black Bullet season 2 first episode.

The expected storyline of Black Bullet Season 2

As we know that Black Bullet did modify its storyline from Black Bullet Manga. In Season 2, it is expected to pick up the story from where it stopped in the first season. In the first season, the story is set in 2021 in which the human race is being harmed by Gastrea, the parasitic virus. And the human who is not pretentious is living behind the huge wall of Varanium walls. And later, it came to the understanding that the newborn babies with Gastrea Virus did have superhuman powers. But these children are being called Cursed Children. The main story is about Rentaro Satomi and his childhood friend Kisara Tendo with trainer Enju Aihara who is striving to save Tokyo.

So, in Season 2, we can predict that it will contain how these superhumans can mix into human society and culture. We can expect that these superhumans will help us to protest against this spreading of the virus. We can also expect to see how these children unfold with their superhuman abilities. There are also expectations that these superhumans will help us to minimize the spreading of the virus.

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we don’t think that the characters will change in black bullet season 2 because it will disappoint its fans, but there is few changes that may be new characters will add on, so we have the name of characters from season 1 and they are listed below

  • Rentarō Satomi (里見 蓮太郎, Satomi Rentarō)
  • Enju Aihara (藍原 延珠, Aihara Enju)
  • Kisara Tendō (天童 木更, Tendō Kisara)
  • Tina Sprout (ティナ・スプラウト, Tina Supurauto)
  • Seitenshi (聖天子, Seitenshi)
  • Kikunojō Tendō (天童 菊之丞, Tendō Kikunojō)
  • Miori Shiba (司馬 未織, Shiba Miori)
  • Kagetane Hiruko (蛭子 影胤, Hiruko Kagetane)
  • Kohina Hiruko (蛭子 小比奈, Hiruko Kohina)
  • Shōgen Ikuma (伊熊 将監, Ikuma Shōgen)
  • Kayo Senju (千寿 夏世, Senju Kayo)
  • Sumire Muroto (室戸 菫, Muroto Sumire) and many more are there.

Final Words

Black Bullet season 2 will be released soon it is confirmed but it got delayed due to coronavirus but we will get to hear its release date soon, if season 2 will release with a good storyline then the wait of fans will worth it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 How Black Bullet ended?

Rentarou gets his ass saved by Shoma who ends up becoming the true hero of the war because he surrenders his life to demolish the Aldebaran and is exploded in the process. Then Rentarou has THE NERVE to pass out on the battlefield and it’s a miracle he wasn’t eaten or attacked by any of the fleeing gastric.

Q2 is there romance in Black bullet?

Mixed–Tries to Be Too Many Things. Throughout its 13-episode run, Black Bullet is a bunch of things: an action show, a social commentary, a comedy,  a fighting anime, a teen romance,  and a post-apocalyptic adventure among other things. … This makes the anime a complete package.

Q 3 Why is black bullet so short?

Black Bullet has very little character growth. It may be that the show’s rushed pacing gave Rentaro very little time for introspection, or that the story is one crisis after another. … You’ll know this because the characters announce the name of the attack before they use it.
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