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Wakfu Season 4 is Confirmed by Anupama but why it hasn’t come yet, Cast, Plot, Revealed!

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Wakfu season 4 is coming or not this is confusion between fans of Wakfu after the release of the third season, because viewers don’t want to say goodbye to this wonderful series after the amazing three-season fans are expecting more so read more to know about Wakfu season 4 release date and its trailer there is also one bad news for the fans of Wakfu so just scroll down to this article…..

wakfu season 4

 About Wakfu

Wakfu: The Animated Series is an anime-influenced French animated television series produced by Ankama Animation and created by Anthony Roux based on a video game of the same name, In Wakfu there is Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Action. Wakfu developers are Ankama Animations, France Televisions, Frakas Productions. the origin of the series in France and the important thing this series is released in so many languages like French Korean, English, Japanese, Polish, Cantonese, Vietnamese. there are a total of three seasons of Wakfu with a total of 65 episodes plus three special episodes, and first, it was released on October 30, 2008.

EpisodesOriginally released
First airedLast aired
126October 30, 2008June 5, 2010
226February 26, 2011March 3, 2012
3June 5, 2010November 29, 2014
313September 2, 2017September 17, 2017

Storyline of Wakfu

In a fictional world, an unusual figure leaves a baby boy with a one-time gift hunter in a small town with instructions to raise him until the time is right for him to find his natural family. Years later, that boy named Yugo finds out he has strong magic abilities using the power of Wakfu even as his village is terrorized. Working with a bundle of newfound friends, Yugo is able to help his home and find out his pursuit. However, there are villains who know about the boy too and are expected to gain his power for themselves own self. However, Yugo is on that journey with his friends to find his family and answers about his past with greater significances worrying both he is only starting to understand.

Main Cast

  • Fanny Block as Yugo
  • Genevive Do and as Evangelyne
  • Adeline Chetail as Amalia sheran
  • Keir Stewart as Rubilax
  • Ross Grant as sir Precedal of sadlygrove
  • Hugo Chandor as Ruel Stroud
  • Eric Mayers as Remington smisse
  • Tom Clarke hill as king oakheart
  • Joe Mills as Alibert
  • Arthur Bostrom as Skribble

Wakfu Season 4 is Renewed or Cancelled

after three seasons of Wakfu fans are expecting Wakfu season 4, and this is confirmed by the studio that Wakfu season 4 will come, sooner or later. it was announced that Wakfu season 4 will come in April 2021 but June is running and still, it is not released, but maybe the reason for delaying is coronavirus because in France there is total lockdown because of the second wave, so we can wait until the situation gets in control then we will enjoy all episodes of Wakfu season 4.

is there any Trailer for Wakfu season 4

yes, the trailer is released by Ankama production on Jun 8, 2020, on youtube, so we can get some hints about the story of Wakfu season 4 from the trailer, in the trailer, there is an entry of a new villain, by seeing these fans are so excited for the release of season 4 of Wakfu, the trailer got 1,923,686 views till now with 81 K likes this shows the love of fans for Wakfu.

The trailer of Wakfu season 4 is here

What are the ratings of this show?

Wakfu an animated series so much of love by viewers, its ratings are so good, viewers love the storyline and critics of Wakfu so much, With the 8.2/10 IMDb rating of this show, and by seeing ratings of the Wakfu it is counted in a popular show.

Over 94% of people on the internet have already claimed to like this animated series. and the audience rating summary is 4.9 which is too good.

Bad news

there is one bad news for the fans of Wakfu, and that is Yes the season 4 is confirmed by the production team and it will be out soon, but the bad news is Wakfu season 4 is the last season of Wakfu and we have to say goodbye to this amazing animation series after this, i know this is heartbreaking but this is the truth, and this is not a rumor this is officially announced by Anupama that Wakfu season 4 the last and the final season of Wakfu will be released till June 2021, so it clearly states that don’t keep your hopes higher.


Wakfu a french animation series released in 2008 by Anupama production there are three seasons are already released on Netflix, and Anupama also announced that season 4 of Wakfu will happen, yes it is taking some time but by seeing the circumstances in the world we can wait for some time.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1 Is Wakfu worth watching?

yes Wakfu is worth watch for its amazing animation and the story of the Wakfu is great,the characters created by the creator is so entertaining and unique, all the three seasons of Wakfu are amazing and worth watching, if you are a lover of animation series then without having second thought just go for this series.

Q 2 Is Wakfu available on Netflix?

yes three seasons of Wakfu are released and they are available on Netflix and the fourth season is also going to release on Netflix.

Q 3 Does Amalia like Yugo?

After Amalia called off the wedding and the Brotherhood finally defeats the Ogrest, Amalia and Yugo have shown to have a strong desire to be with each other, in spite of the difficulties caused by the difference in their races.

Q 4 Does Dally die in Wakfu?

When Percedal seeing died in the battle against Nox, Yugo was shattered and with grief. But once the heroes found Dally alive and well, they happily shared a brotherly reunion, and Percedal continued to go on adventures with his friends.
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