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My first girlfriend is a gal season 2, is renewed or cancelled by Meguru Ueno, know its plot, cast, trailer.

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My First Girlfriend Is a Gal also known as Hajimete no Gal, is a Japanese manga series by Meguru Ueno. It has been serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Ace since November 2015 and has been compiled in twelve tankōbon volumes. A ten-episode anime television series adaptation by NAZ was released from July to September 2017. Know all about My first girlfriend is a gal season 2 here.

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Plot season 1 of My first girlfriend is a gal

Junichi Hashiba is a high school boy who regrets his faith in not possessing a girlfriend. His yearning for a girlfriend only rises after noticing that all his other friends are effortlessly being able to get into a relationship. Being a virgin, Junichi is often made fun of by his colleagues. But one fine day his single friends forced Junichi to confess to the most glamorous girl in the school. Yukana Yame, often pertained to as Gal is easily able to analyze Junichi’s motives. She could feel his wanting to date for all the trivial reasons. Even so in her inquisitiveness, Yukana to Junichi’s amazement accepts his proposal.

Yukana comes to be Junichi’s girlfriend and the two start dating and this news circulates throughout the school. The whole school starts taking heed of this and Junichi starts getting attention from girls all around. These are girls who have either known Junichi or Yukana for some time. Three of them are, Junichi’s childhood acquaintance and friend Nene Fujinoki, Yukana’s gal friend Ranko Honjo and Junichi’s class deputy, the school’s Madonna, Yui Kashi. However, hereafter high school life will never be the same for Junichi.

My First Girlfriend Is A Gal Season 2: Will is renewed or canceled?

The conclusion of the first season of the anime left room for its second season. It didn’t conclude the story totally. Even there was a cliffhanger, and the spectators are still finding answers to their questions. The first season of the anime series got a great reaction and was really outstanding at the time of its release.

Even after three years, the fans are still requesting the sequel of the anime series. And now the producers even have enough source material for it. So, there is a chance that they might renew My First Girlfriend Is Aa Gal Season 2. Nonetheless, we still have to wait for an official announcement from the creators.

 Release Date for My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 2?

Deeming that Season 2 hasn’t been announced yet, we can only believe the feasible release date. My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 1 premiered on 12th July 2017 which came to pass for a total of 10 episodes up till 13th September 2021. There was even an OVA broadcasted for the same on 26th December 2021. As asserted above, if the studio were to plan a second season, there is more than sufficient source content for the adaptation. Right now, it looks a bit unlikely that anime will be released. And if so it does, assuming how much time a season of anime takes for production, we can believe the release date of My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 2 to be somewhere around Fall 2022.

. What To Expect From Season 2

Season 1 of My First Girlfriend is a Gal completely taken from 9 volumes of the manga series, Season 2 will continue from the 10th volume.

After Yukana finally accepts Junichi’s proposal to be his girl, in season 2 there will be more cute moments we will be able to see in the My First Girlfriend is a season 2.

Since both have contrasting attitudes, it’ll be sensational to notice their chemistry as a pair.

The manga is only on volume 11, so it’s difficult to foresee the exact deviation that the anime will take. However, it’s going to be a fun ride forward!

The Cast

However, the creators haven’t declared openly any official statement about their cast for season 2 so it would be very early to foretell anything but we can also predict the voice cast of season 1 to voice this forthcoming season.

The Trailer

The producers haven’t released an official trailer for this season till presently. But, we can expect it anytime shortly.

The Official Announcements

The creators of this series haven’t said any official announcements new Season now. But you never know when the officials might release the announcement of a New Season. So you cant be losing hope. since season 1 finished up in 2017. We certainly can’t think about the But we can expect My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2 to publish anytime soon as three years are enacted.

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Frequently asked questions

Q 1 Was my first girlfriend is a gal Cancelled?

The creators of the series of my first girlfriend is a gal season 2 is not renewed nor canceled, Even after three years, the fans of the series are optimistic that there will be My First Girlfriend Is A Gal Season 2.

Q 2 Does Hajimete no gal have Season 2?

Hajimete no Gal season 2. Hajimete no Gal (My First Girlfriend Is a Gal) is a persistence of the romantic anime directed by Furukawa Hiroyuki and the NAZ studio, established on the popular manga. As of October 2020, there is no official release date for the anime  My First Girlfriend is a Gal season 2”.

Q 3 Is my first girlfriend is a gal good?

The music was current, but nothing outstanding as far as I could say, and the story was fairly simple. If you like decent harem anime, then this would be a pretty good addition to the collection. Absolutely worth seeing.

Q 4 Does Tanjiro become a Hashira?

Tanjiro Kamado does not become a hashira / statue of the Demon Slayer corps. In the last chapter of the manga, he overthrows the Demon King, Kibutsuji Muzan thereby eradicating all the monsters, and in expansion abolishes the need for the Demon Slayer army and Hashiras completely
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