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John Mulaney now files for a divorce from Anna Marie Tendler amid Olivia Munn romance, Cheating Issues

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Comedian John Mulaney’s marriage to Anna Marie Tendler will officially end after six years. The 38-year-old filed for a divorce in New York on Friday, two months after announcing his split from Tendler with a statement of their own.

The comedian and actor have been vocal about the strains that come with being married as he pointed out in an article published by GQ earlier this year: “Divorce sounds like it would be really hard, but we’re not getting divorced because she doesn’t understand me,” said Mulaney who added ‘I’m doing just fine,’ when asked how he was holding up at home.”John Mulaney now files for a divorce from Anna Marie Tendler amid Olivia Munn romance, Cheating Issues

Reports tell us that comedian and actor John Mulaney has officially ended his six-year marriage with Anna Marie Tendler. The standup performer, who is 38 years old, filed for a divorce in New York this past Friday just two months after Tendler announced her split from him in a statement of her own earlier last month.

In the latest development reported by TMZ on Saturday night (November 3), it appears as if John Mulaney’s wife decided to take legal action against him! Apparently, she felt betrayed when he failed to inform their children about the impending separation before announcing it publicly himself through social media posts back on October 4th at 9:13 AM EST…

“I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery,” she had said in a statement at the time.

The news of Mulaney and Tendler’s break up was only three days after their relationship became public. It comes months later, with the comedian completing a 60-day stay in rehab before starting to date fellow actor Olivia Munn.

The quick progression from Mulaney and Tendler’s break up to their reconciliation is bittersweet for most of the public, but according to a recent report on Page Six, it seems that they are moving forward as if nothing happened.

Expectations were sky-high when comedian John Mulaney (of “Saturday Night Live” fame) revealed in an interview with Howard Stern last year that he was going into rehab – so fans must be thrilled now knowing how well things have turned out!

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