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House of Wax 2, Confirmed? It is Happening or not ? Release date for 2021! Know Updates

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The producers of the first part have frequently said that they plan to shoot the sequel of the horror film House of wax 2. However, the actual date of filming has not yet been nominated.
According to some announcements, the shooting of the House of Wax 2 figures will start up in 2021, but this information has not been officially verified by the filmmakers. In this article you get to know if House of wax 2 going to release or not.

house of wax 2


About House of Wax

The first film starts rather stale, like most contemporary Hollywood horror films. A group of inexperienced people is going to rest. On the way, they have a car deterioration, and they are compelled to pursue help from residents. From the beginning, the city causes some suspicions and inspires fear.

The guys comprehend that something strange is happening in the village, but it does not even occur to them how terrifying the truth will be. The village turns out to be empty, and all the people who supervised to notice are wax figures. The worst is disclosed later. The fact is that each of the wax figures is a man who was moistened alive with boiling wax.


5 years after the incidents of House of Wax, Carly Jones had to snatch her brother Nick Jones from the Police station after stealing another car. They had a long talk about what happened to them 5 years ago, meanwhile, in the morgue at the hospital, both carcasses of Vincent and Bo Sinclair plop there lifeless. When a doctor accidentally shoved some chemicals into the corpse Vincent, came back from the dead, he killed the doctor and suddenly recalled Nick and Carly, and went on a murderous rampage to have retaliation.

How did the House of Wax end?

Carly (Elisha Cuthbert) and Nick (Chad Michael Murray) are the final survivors after Wade (Jared Padalecki) is coated in wax by Vincent (Brian Van Holt) but lives (despite being jabbed by needles). Wade dies from panic after being stabbed in the face accidentally by Vincent.

Reviews and criticism

Many observers were disappointed with some plot moves, contending that the heroes perform certain litigations without any motivation or reasoning.

On the one hand, it spoils the opinion a little. On the other hand, it gives more verisimilitude, because if a person were actually in such a circumstance, it is likely that not all of his actions would be deemed and reasonable.

I want to note that this film has a different environment. The picture is taken relatively effectively. Despite stereotyped motions and patterns, it remains captivating and not tedious. Such a movie can be surveyed several times.

Will the “House of Wax 2” be released?

It is known only that the plot of the second film will reverberate the first, which means that the observer is anticipated to have different plot twists, practical special effects, and shudders from what’s happening on the screen.

The scenario for the “House of Wax 2” is still in development. It is already known that the efforts will unravel in the same town, and the new protagonists will encounter even more perverted means of murder. So, we are waiting for House of wax 2.

Interesting fact

One of the main characters is fiddled with Paris Hilton. The director instantly agreed to take on the role of it, and the girl was approved even without examination and listening.

Critics believe that this was done only to draw awareness to the picture and improve the payments. I must say that this move was indeed valid. Several went to the cinema just because they wanted to see the popular Paris on the screen.

I must say that the analysts were rather equivocal about the film. Some were interested in the idea and even acclaimed the actor’s play of Hollywood elegance.

She played quite convincingly and reliably. Given the configuration of this film, greater acknowledgment of the character’s character from Paris Hilton was not expected. Some desperately admonished this film, saying that such a genre as horror has long since survived itself, and such pictures are extremely reliable and common.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1 Who Survived House of Wax?

Carly (Elisha Cuthbert) and Nick (Chad Michael Murray) are the last survivors after Wade (Jared Padalecki) is garnished in wax by Vincent (Brian Van Holt) but lives (despite being jabbed by needles). Wade dies from panic after being injured in the face accidentally by Vincent.

Q 2 Is House of Wax on Netflix?

Sorry, House of Wax is not available on American Netflix, but you can open it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few easy steps, you can change your Netflix region to a country like Israel and start watching Israeli Netflix, which encompasses House of Wax.

Q 3 Is House of Wax worth watching?

Overall, House of Wax has a reasonable cast, sufficient story, great uncertainty, and wonderful over-the-top demise and violence that make it a must-see for cheesy horror lovers and a stable wager for any horror fan.

 Q 4 Is house wax scary?

seriously horror movie? It’s not even scary just a lot of people made out of wax trying to kill 6 youngsters, there are some creepy that can frighten you though. But towards the end, it is not so terrible it’s where the most action happens!

Q 5 Is the House of Wax a true story?

House of Wax is a 2005 slasher film organized by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by Charles Belden, Chad Hayes, and Carey Hayes, based on a story by Belden. … It is a flexible remake of the 1953 film of the same name, itself a remake of the 1933 film Mystery of the Wax Museum.
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