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Something in the rain season 2 will happen or not? If yes,  then when is the release date, who are the casts? Let’s discover.

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Something in the rain season 2 will happen or not? If yes,  then when is the release date, who are the casts? Let’s discover.

Something in the rain is one of the popular and very fascinating Korean dramas which was broadcasted in 2018. This drama is virtually a romance drama and it was a big hit in 2018.

Something in the Rain is a South Korean Romantic Drama, authorized by Ahn Pak-Seok and generated by Drama House and Content K Studios. The show was broadcast on JTBC from March 30 2018 to May 19, 2018, starring 16 episodes in total. Today, we are going to infer about Something in the Rain Season 2.

This Korean drama was directed by Ahn Pak-Seok and the production company name is Drama House and Content K Studios.

It was broadcasted on JTBC from March 30 to May 19, there are 16 episodes in total.

The producers of this show are Choi Kwan-Yong, Ma Jung-hoon, and Park Joon. Drama House is the innovation company behind it while Content K approves a supporting role in making sure everything goes smoothly from beginning to end.

This drama has one single season with 16 episodes each running 75 minutes.

Something in the Rain Season 2 Storyline

The show is centered around the fantasy between Yoon Jin-Ah, a neighborhood administrator at a coffee franchise called Coffee Bay, and Seo Joon-Hee, an animator at video game creator Smilegate Entertainment. There is also a subordinate plot about bureau harassment, where Jin-Ah gets victimized by Director Nam. In the penultimate episode, Joon-Hee ratifies his offer for The United States and Jin-ah gets transported to Seoul, a move constructed to shift her away. The show forgets when both of the characters are in their 40s. Jin-Ah has married someone of their parent’s choice, a man who doesn’t give her enough scrutiny, and Joon-Hee has moved to the U.S. They both end up traversing each other’s ways and end up again with each other at the end.

Something in the Rain Season 2 Official Announcement

The actress Son Ye-Jin said “The drama ended before [the characters] completely formulated. It’s so that we can realize for them and grow by gazing these sides of them.” She also added that there’s still a lot more left for the series to examine. For example, do Yoon Jin Ah and Seo Jun Hee get wedded? If they do, how will Kyung Seon react? when asked about the revival. So refereeing by her announcements, there is a possibility of a new season transpiring. But nothing is authorized as of yet.

Something in the Rain Cast

The two main heads of the show are fiddled by Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-in as Yoon Jin-ah and Seo Joon-Hae. The rest of the cast encompasses Jang So-Yeon played as Seo Kyung-Seon, Wi Ha-Joon played as Yoon Seung-Ho, Gil Hae-Yeon played as Kim Mi-yeon, Song Jae Ryong played as Yoon Sang-Ki, Yoon Jong-Suk played as Kim Seung-Chul, Jung Yoo-Jin played as Kang Se-Young, Cho Soo-Hyang played as Joon Hee’s friend, Joo Min-Kyung played as Geum Bo-ra, Lee Joo-Young played as Lee Ye-Eun, Lee Hwa- Ryong played as Gong Cheol-Goo, Seo Jeong-Yeon played as Jung Young-In, Lee Chang-Hoon played as Choi Joong-Mo, Park Hyuk- Kwon played as Nam Ho-Gyun, Kim Jong Tae played as Jo Kyung-Sik, Oh Ryong v played as Lee Gyu-Min and Jang Won-Hyung played as Kim Dong-Woo.

Something in the Rain Season 2 Release Date

No release date has been declared openly as of yet. So, we would have to be sure of on assumption. Our best guess would be somewhere in mid-2022, relevance in mind all the production differences they have to go through to get a new season.

Something in the Rain Trailer

Something in the Rain is accessible on Netflix, so those of you who haven’t started it can go over there and check it out.

But until we have an explicit release date for Something in the Rain Season 2 you can check out more announcements about No Game No Life Season 2 & More

Something in the Rain Season 2 Storyline

The whole story of this drama is founded on the love story or fantasy story between Yoon Jin-ah and Seo Joon-have. Yoo Jin-ah is an administrator at a coffee license company named coffee Bay.

Whereas, Seo Joo-hae used to work as an animator for a game formulating company called Smilegate Entertainment.

The fascinating thing about this show is that the girl is 15 years former than a boy. Jin-Ah is on her 35 but she has still not qualified any dating till now.

In her past when she was about to get married her marriage was fired by her fiancé, so she was always worried that if this occurrence might come back again in her life.

The reason she was fired by her fiancé was the guy said she was not so desirable.

It was after some years when she met her best friend brother Seo Joo-hae, she immediately falls in the cute smile of him and she started to get eager towards him.

Soon, both of them began to love each other and develop a relationship, despite their age chasm.

You will find this drama more fascinating after you see many impediments and challenges they start to face due to being in this relationship.

This drama has made many things about our community clear like many of us just don’t want to stay in a relationship if the girl is older than a boy.

So, this drama was shown everything in a clear and very entertaining way, concentrating on age doesn’t matter in love. Many fellows fall in love with females who are much older than them and never document their inner feeling.

This drama has many things from different slopes like society, office environment, boss, family, and friends.

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