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Reveal! What’s wrong with Secretary Kim season 2 is renewed or canceled, everything you need to know is here.

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Season 2 is Happening or not what is its  Release Date

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim is a South Korean television series established and founded on a novel called similar to the show. The show was organized by Park Joon Hwa and generated under the pennant of Studio Dragon. The show featuring Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-young in leading parts. Show consider as one of the best Korean television drama sequels What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim season greeted with positive reviews from spectators. After the great success of season one, the second season of the show is anticipated. The audience eagerly loitering for the second season of the ballot.

If you are obsessed with Korean drama and love seeing a sentimental comedy then this one is for you. The show discloses the story of a millionaire called Kim and his highly productive secretary working with him for nine years and wants to throw down her job and here the problem escalates. As spoken of before Kim is a wealthy and handsome businessman he is the Vice President of the company.

He is aptitude in dealing all the problem arise in business and convinced about everything. However, this has similarly devastated him to the people around him, who equally work hard to make his undertakings easier and participate in the company.

One of those people is his secretary Who is very fruitful and the best but she is never honored by his boss. However, she agreed to leave the job after she understood that She has given enough to the job and now needs to focus on her own life and that’s was a juncture when Young-Joon eventually starts up to appreciate her But is it too late?

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Season 2 Cast

Park Seo-Joon is well known Korean actor greatly comprehended for his roles in shows like Kill Me, Heal Me, She Was Pretty as well as Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth,  and The Divine Fury. Park obtained positive surveys from analysts for his performance in the show.

Park Min-young starred as Kim Mi-so is also a Korean actress who got prestige after the big achievement of a chronological drama named Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She has also been starred in many television shows like City Hunter, Glory Jane, Dr. Jin and A New Leaf, Queen for Seven Days, and many more.

Lee Tae-hwan was starred as Young-Joon’s older brother. Is one of the most outstanding singers, criteria, and entertainers.

Hwang Chan-sung is also known as Chansung. He similarly helps as a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper as well as actor. He gives rise to his business Continuous High Kick then featured in shows like Jungle Fish as well as praised for his work.

Kim Ye-won known as Sul Ma-eum in the show. He also accentuated in many shows like Feel Good to Die, Plus Nine Boys, as well as in Hotel King and Miss Korea’, ‘Pure Love ‘Standby’.

Also, the cast involves actors like Choi Na-mu, Heo Sun-mi, Jo Deok-Hyun, Lee Yon-Joon, Lee Jung-min, Kang Hong-suk, Bae Hyun-sung, Kim Jung-Woon, Hong Ji-Yoon, and Baek Eun-Hye, Baek Eun-Hye.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Season 2 Release Date

Season one of the show was a big achievement and received positive reviews as well but it received fandom from all over the world after Netflix seized the charge to make it available internationally. In 2018 this show becomes the most searched show on Google. Season one was worth it for the producers as well as for the audience. After the tremendous season audience wanting to watch the show with its next installment. However, there is neither any kind of lead regarding season 2 of the license nor any kind of official statement of the next installment. Enthusiasts of the show have to wait for its official announcement.

The happens to be quite remarkable for younger viewers occurring that they are waiting for the second installment of the show. We will have to wait as remembered above as the accepted epidemic has shoved back many shows. Therefore, we will have to wait to know what estimates the fate of the show. The plot shows the vice president of the company and his experienced and very gifted Secretary who wants to quit her job after fulfilling for nine years.

Young Joon will do whatever he can to assure that his secretary Mi-so continues close by his side. Thus, as the first installment of the show complimented beautifully, it is entirely sure that the production company and directors won’t go for another scramble. But, as the show has been involved in worldwide outlet Netflix, it is quite interesting to understand what the show makers encompass next.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Season 2 Trailer

Enthusiasts of the show eagerly waiting for the What’s wrong with secretary Kim Season 2 trailer but as we discussed above we have to wait for its official announcement than after we can foresee when we can catch a glance of the season of the show. Producers are still peaceful about the regeneration of the show. We have to wait to know about What’s wrong with Secretary Kim season 2.

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Frequently asked questions

Question 1 Will there be Season 2 of what’s wrong with Secretary Kim?

What’s wrong with secretary Kim

After the tremendous season audience anticipating watching the show with its next installment. Nonetheless, there is neither any kind of lead respecting season 2 of the franchise nor any kind of official statement of the next installment.

Question 2 Why did Secretary Kim quit her job?

After trekking a restaurant run by one of Lee Young Joon’s childhood friends (played by Jung Yu-Mi) and hearing her talk about discovering happiness after seeking her dreams, Lee Young Joon recalled Kim Mi So saying that she wanted to quit her job as his secretary to live her own life.


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