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91 Days Season 2 is still holding the breaths of fans!!! Know all the latest updates here and much more

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Would 91 days season 2  give a surprise or a shock?

91 Days Season 2

91 days directed by Hiro Kaburagi is undoubtedly one of the best crime drama anime series. The series was loved and appreciated by all the parts of the world. The first season of the series was a hit within a short period which set the demand for 91 days season 2. Would there be 91 days in season 2?

Would the audience wait for long? Are there any chances of its cancellation? We will give you a glimpse of everything.
91 days anime series was written by Taku Kishimoto and its animation style and storyline caught audiences’ eyes which was done under Studio Shuka. This is the reason there are loads of fans of the series and the wait for 91 days season 2 is quite difficult.

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The series follows the protagonist Angelo Ragusa who roams to satisfy his thirst for revenge from the Vanetti family. In the past, Angelo had to leave his town after losing his family in a mafia dispute which took the form of anger inside him and eventually took the form of revenge. Vanetti family was the family that had the Mafiosi that controlled the district Lawless which was Don Vincent Vanetti who was also among the highly ranked person of La Cosa Nostra.

Angelo got the chance of exacting his revenge by befriending Don’s son Nero. Though this story turns out to be having drastic changes which were obvious somewhere because something that starts with revenge can not end soberly. A great example of such is Hamlet, the end of the drama is acquainted with all which gave benefit to none. 


91 Days Season 2

The first season of 91 days launched four years back which was a hit show. The storyline of the show left many curious and eager for more episodes. For the last four years, the fans have been craving for 91 Days Season 2.
The chances are quite high for the 91 Days Season 2 but it is still not confirmed from the side of Studio Shuka. No such statement is declared which can assure the fans about the happening of 91 Days Season 2 which means there is no cancellation either from their side. The fan base of the 91 Days is quite large and
So there is a hope that fans’ eyes would be satisfied with the scenario.

Are the makers of 91 Days running out of content?

91 Days was an original story so there is nothing like the makers do not have enough content. The sequels of such series are highly dependent upon the performance of the debut episodes. For 91 Days the debut was a big success. So this is kinda good news for the fans that it makes the chances of 91 Days Season 2 higher. Content for such a series is not a challenge, every season comes up with a new storyline that does not have to do much with the previous one. Only the main characters are the base point for the success or failure of such a series. And as we all have seen the characters have done tremendously well in 91 days season 1. The plot of season 1 was resolved within the last episode so there are possibilities that Lawless can be taken as the setting or some old characters might be involved.

Four years is a big lapse so would it return?

Four years is not a hurdle for the fans to think of 91 Days Season 2 because it has been seen that animes series usually take longer gaps which is unlikely of US series. So for now we can wait for an official statement because it might be the case where this series is taking this long and can return with a bang.

91 Days Season 2

Release date updates 91 Days Season 2:

For now, Studio Shuka has not set any dates for animes in 2021 so it might be possible that the series can take a bit more longer but we are here to update you with the latest. #animelovers, #91daysseason2

Most favorite characters of the series:

Angelo lugasa

91 Days Season 2

During his childhood, he was a brave and empathetic boy who could do anything for his loved ones like Cortes and his brother. He was very much attached to his family. But the death of his entire family turned him into a whole new man. He was left alone and became miserable. He used to regret not being killed with his family.

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All these events took him on the path of crime which was initially difficult but he mastered that to survive. He had become a cunning pickpocket. He was holding a grudge against the Vanetti family and he nourished that revengeful emotion inside him and finally exacted that through Nero.  

Vincent Vanetti

91 Days Season 2

He is the don of the Vanetti family. He is shown as a man with a cold heart. He is not loyal to anyone. He even neglected his children when his wife fell sick. Angelo was in a revengeful mood as had killed Angelo’s family seven years ago. He was suffering from a fatal disease. When Angelo escaped, he knew he would come back to take his revenge and the same happened. He has always been a mean and materialistic personality which made him not a trustworthy person. 

Episodes of 91 Days Season 1:

Episode 1: Night of the murder

Episode 2: Phantom of falsehood

91 Days Season 2

Episode 3: Where the footfalls lead

Episode 4: Losing to win, and what comes after

Episode 5: Blood will have blood

Episode 6: To slaughter a pig

Episode 7: A poor player

Episode 8: Behind the curtain

Episode 9: Black and deep desires

Episode 10: Proof of good faith

Episode 11: All for nothing

Episode 12: Slipping through the dirty sky

Episode 13: Shoal of time

People usually want to know:

1. Is there any 91 Days Season 2?

As for now, it can’t be said assuredly as there has been no official announcement but we can hope for it based on the above facts.

2. Is 91 Days available on Netflix?

No, Netflix does not have 91 Days Season 1 but one can unlock it in the USA

3. Why this series is named 91 Days?

The 91 Days in the title signifies the time Angelo takes to take his revenge.

4. Who is the fourth man in 91 Days?

Ganzo Ararī

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