October 4, 2021

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 is confirmed? Release date? Everything you want to know

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2

SK8 The infinity Season 2 will be released by the end of 2021 or in 2022? I don't think so, as the show is pretty recent and there are speculations that it will be released in 2023. Many fans loved this skateboarding show, even though they don't know anything about the skateboards.

But you don't have to know, you just have to have fun watching this show. The show got very positive reviews for the first half episodes, but later on, many episodes received mixed reactions from the viewers.

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 is confirmed? Release date? Everything you want to know 

SK8 The Infinity Season 2 release date predictions: Sequel confirmed - SK8 movie possible?
SK8 The Infinity is a Japanese drama that was released from January 10, 2021, to April 4, 2021. It is the television series that was then, adapted in manga (Sk8 chill out)on January 11, 2021, in the magazine, Youth Ace Up. The television show was produced by Bones studio.

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 Plot

The story is about a high school student named Reiki Kyan, who, with his friends is a skateboarder. They together do skateboard in an abandoned underground mine. Here, everyone competes for "S", it is an illegal underground race that involves high risk. Reiki with his transferred friend, Langa Hasegawa, who does not know about skating that much, competes in the illegal race and ends up getting caught in a bet.

The bet was that Langa will also have to compete in the race. How will things turn out?

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 Characters

  1. Reiki Kyan  A high school student who loves skateboarding and competes in the underground "S" race.
  2. Langa Hasegawa  A half Japanese who came from Canada, he is a transfer student, who become friends with Reiki, who does not know anything about skating, but he has secrets.
  3. Miyan Chinen- A first-year high school student who competes in Olympics.
  4. Hiromi Higa- He is a skateboard racer, and you can say, he is an antagonist in the show as he always uses dirty tricks to win.
  5. Kaoru Sakurayashiki- high-tech racer who does AI calligraphy.
  6. Kajiro Nanjo- A racer who works owns a restaurant and also works there. He is a friend of Kaoru.
  7. Ainosuke Shindo- He is a legendary skater who begins the "S" race.


SK8 The Infinity Season 2: Release Date, What To Expect? - OtakuKart

Will there be Sk8 The Infinity Season2?

Sk8 The Infinity is possible since there is an announcement on Twitter for its New project, so look forward to that! The show got an average rating of 8.3/10 but got mixed reactions from the viewers. Some say that the first 5 episodes were great but after that, its quality dropped, maybe, due to Covid-19. The producers also have to use recap episodes.

It's a fact that the Anime industry must have suffered in the pandemic but the amazing thing is that the show was not canceled and finished its first season. But people also like the show for its character development and friendship between the characters. Animation, soundtracks were also amazing in this show was great!

So there is a good chance for sk8 the infinity season 2. Even the producers of the show have some trouble in the early season, they can create sk8 season 2 as the show received good viewership.

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 Trailer

SK8 The Infinity Season 2, might be in our way, as the show got positive reviews. But it is a pretty recent show, it will take time.  The sk8 the infinity season2 is not announced yet, also there was no news of its trailer release. Don't lose hope in it!!

Story Behind Sk8 The Infinity Season 2

In 2013, Japan was the host of the 32nd Olympic Games, so they decided to promote youth culture through music, games, anime shows. Many new anime projects were taken up, with sports as its genre like soccer, rugby, water polo, volleyball, and many more. Sk8 the infinity was one of the anime projects.

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 list

  1. Snowfall on Hot Night
  2. Awesome for the First Time!
  3. Undesired Hero
  4. Adam, the Matador of Love
  5. Passionate Dancing Night
  6. Steamy, Mystery Skating
  7. We don't balance Out
  8. The Fated Tournament
  9. We were Special Back Then
  10. Crazy Rock JAM
  11. DAP no Needing Words
  12. King VS Nobody

There are 12 Episodes and a recap episode, in SK8 The Infinity, all its English titles are given above.

SK8 The Infinity season 2

SK8 The Infinity Voice actors English

The voice behind the characters is crucial, the physical aspects of a character and how should they speak, what will make a particular character unique, all these aspects are very important, all these responsibilities are on the voice actors.

So, now let's look at the voice actors, who did the English dub for the show, Sk8 the infinity season 1.

  1. Reiki Kyan  A high school racer, who competes in the midnight "S" race. His voice is dubbed, in English, by Matt Shipman. He is an American scriptwriter, voice director, and voice actor, who worked for Funimation. He did the voicing for much popular anime like Hiro in Darling in the Franxx, Floch Floster in Attack on Titan, and many more.
  2. Langa Hasegawa- A transfer student and has a half-Canadian and half-Japanese accent, his voice was dubbed by Howard Wang. He is an American video game designer and a voice actor, works for Funimation and Bang Zoom! Entertainment.
  3. Miya Chinen- Behind the voice of this character, the voice actor, Ry Mckeand was the one, his other works are Pica from One piece, Udon from Attack on the Titans, and many more.
  4. Hiromi Higa- The voice done by Chris Guerrero, he was born on August 28, 1989, in Dallas, Texas. He is an American voice actor.
  5. Kaoru Sakurayashiki- His voice was dubbed by Daman Mills. He is an American voice actor. He is known for voicing Jyugo, Frieza, and Ginshi Shirazu.
  6. Koji Nanjo- His voice was dubbed by Jonah Scott. He is an American voice actor based in California. He is known for voicing anime characters like Legoshi from Beastars, Formaggio, Wily Tybur from Attack On the Titans, and many more.
  7. Ainosuke Shindo- The legendary skateboarder was dubbed by David Walls. He is an American voice actor who is also involved in production for Funimation.

SK8 Official Art

Many people are interested in the sk8 official artworks, as fans create millions of fanart and post them on social media. If you love watching fanart, you can always find them on various social media platforms. You can check out different artwork of the show SK8 The Infinity on Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.

Where you can watch Sk8 The Infinity Season 2?

I haven't watched this anime series, you should!! It is a refreshing and very new anime series. You watch this show on

Funimation, Imdb, 9anime

Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 FAQs

1. Will we get sk8 the infinity season 2?

Ans. Yes, there is a high possibility for it. There is also an official announcement regarding its new project. So look forward to that.

2. Is SK8 appropriate for kids?

Ans. Yes absolutely, the story is about a group of friends, who does skateboarding, and competes in a race, it is a comedy and sports show. It is a family show.

3. Is SK8 The Infinity on Netflix?

Ans. No, the show is not currently available on Netflix.

4. Is SK8 the infinity sad?

Ans.  Yes, some episodes are sad, and you will feel emotional while watching them.

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