October 11, 2021

Hanako kun Chapter 83 [Read Online]-its all about the series, revealed secrets!


Hanako Kun Chapter 83 is anticipated to unharness on eighteenth Oct 2021. Fans square measure astounded and excited concerning the following chapter to be discharged.

Hanako Kun Chapter 83

Hanako Kun or Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun is also a Japanese manga series by Aidalro. it’s been serialized in sq. Enix’s shonen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy since 2014. it’s been collected in fifteen tankobon volumes as of Apr 2021.


The manga is all concerning Nene Yashiro, a freshman high-school student WHO loves the occult and wishes a young man, summons the Seventh and most illustrious surprise, ” Hanako-San of the Toilet”, a girl WHO allegedly haunts the restroom and will grant desires for the right value. On the other, Yashiro discovers that ” Hanako-san” is nothing however rather like the rumors. Kamome Academy is known for its rumors concerning its Seven Wonders and supernatural prevalence.

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Hanako Kun Chapter 83 titled” The Red House”-

is all concerning, Nene makes out of the mysterious position with the assistance of Katakuri. among the foremost up-to-date Bankruptcy, Kou written to Tsukasa that Hanako died once he was thirteen when he killed his brother. Moreover, Nene and Kou commit to taking Tsukasa once more to international to urge aloof from all or any of their problems.

The manga is authorized in North America by Yen Press. it’s an associate degree anime tv series adaptation by Lerche ventilated from January to March 2020.

Yashiro-Nene-Minamoto-kouHanako Kun Chapter 83 unharness Date:

This Japanese manga series is receiving a positive response from the audience as a result of the manga is full of adventures, that attracted the viewers most. Hanako Kun received immense quality among the premier of simply some of the chapters. Fans square measure thirstily expecting the future chapters and currently, the wait is over for the fans. Now, the reckoning starts as solely some of days square measure left. So, it’s able to kind its debut on eighteenth Oct 2021.


No, Hanako-Kun manga isn't on break, and no delay has been proclaimed in commercial enterprise following the chapter of the series.

 Chapter eighty-three Predictions and Discussions

Concerning events that occurred in chapter eighty-two, it's safe to assume that Tsukasa’s soul was finally affected by the important world.


On the opposite hand, Kou and Nene can realize it is very powerful to touch upon the fact that Tsukasa simply left them hanging since all 3 of them were presupposed to leave the cursed house alone, however, Tsukasa set to remain.


I wonder however Kou and Nene can mention this specific incident to Hanako once they finally meet him.

Chapter eighty-three Raw Scans and Leaks

Raw scans for chapter eighty-three of the Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun manga series haven't been discharged nonetheless.


These scans square measure sometimes seen on the web 2-3 days before the monthly unharness. The scans would in all probability be discharged by Oct sixteen, 2021.

Is Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun on Break?

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun manga is revealed beneath Monthly GFantasy magazine, which comes out on the eighteenth of each month.

Where to browse the manga?

You can browse the manga, Hanako Kun, online on Viz Media. it's additionally out there on MangaPlus and MangaJar.


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