October 13, 2021




Princess Haya

PRINCESS HAYA, The partner of the billionaire ruler of Dubai allegedly paid her British bodyguard lover £1.2million and showered him with opulent provides to keep their affair a secret, The Sun said. Princess Haya, the 6th spouse of Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, allegedly “seduced” 37-year-antique Russell Flowers and enticed him right into a courting earlier than it led to 2017. The royal affair, which went on for 2 years, become subsequently uncovered throughout her excessive courtroom docket listening to in opposition to her estranged husband.

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According to The Sun,

the 46-year-antique princess confirmed Flowers with coins and more than one presents which covered a £50,000 antique shotgun, a £12,000 watch, and a customized RU55ELLS range plate. In addendum, she additionally paid £1.2million to 3 different bodyguards to stay quiet approximately her love affair, MailOnline said bringing up assets near the princess.
Flowers spouse located affair via pics
Flowers’ partner reportedly has grown to be suspicious of her husband after finding photos of Princess Haya posing in a swimming costume. Her doubt doubled after Flowers commenced running out with a private teacher and after she observed a packet of condoms in his washbag, The Sun said bringing up reasserts. Flowers’ spouse become "devastated" after locating her husband's affair and ended their 4-year-antique marriage in 2017. She finally received the custody of her kids they presently stay in £85m domestic in Kensington, West London.

Princess Haya

About Princess Haya

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She was given married to Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on 10 April 2004. After her affair together along with her bodyguard got here into light, the Sheikh divorced her in April 2019. She presently lives withinside the United Kingdom together along with her kids.

They have been in a courting throughout the princess’s High Court listening to in opposition to her husband in London wherein she received custody in their kids.
The alleged courting and the info round it got here to fore throughout the child-custody fact-locating in London’s High Court. It said that the Princess “embarked upon an adulterous courting with one in every one of her male bodyguards."
certain that he becomes constantly via way of means of her side," a chum of Russell Flowers’s spouse become quoted as pronouncing via way of means of the Mail Online.


Princess Haya

Flowers become married while he becomes in a courting with the princess and while his spouse got here to know, she ended their 4-year-lengthy courting. Flowers’spouse stated the princess the 46-year-antique princess had seduced her husband, 37.
Other presents that he obtained covered a hand-crafted humidor containing heaps of kilos well worth of cigars. She additionally a personalized range plate with the word ‘RU55ELLS’.
The sheik might frequently payout between £5,000 and £15,000 as a tip. But the presents Russell obtained have been a ways above that," a chum become quoted as pronouncing.
He become additionally talented with a personalized Purdy shotgun which become engraved. Other gives covered a signet ring with a ruby formed across the Flowers own circle of relatives crest


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