October 19, 2021

Who is Theo Von? What is Theo Von's Net Worth!!All you need to know

What is Theo Von’s Net Worth!!All you need to know

Von Net Worth:

Theo Von’s Net Worth


Theo Von is an American comedian, actor and television host with a net worth of $ 500,000. He first gained notoriety at age 19 when he was a cast member of MTV's Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour.


Theo Von was born in Covington, Louisiana on March 19, 1980. He first rose to fame after appearing in the reality TV series Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour and then in the Real World / Road Rules Challenge series. He appeared in the NBC reality TV series Last Comic Standing in 2006. As an actor, he starred in the films Bobby Khan's Ticket to Hollywood and InAPPropriate Comedy.From 2013 to 2014, Von hosted the television series Deal with It. He also appeared in the television series America's Prom Queen and Reality Bites Back in 2008. He released his first hour-long comedy special via Netflix in February 2016.

Theo Von’s Net Worth


Theo hosts two podcasts;

Last weekend and The King and The Sting. He is a frequent guest in The Joe Rogan Experience and Jim And Sam. How much does Theo von earn? How rich is Theo Von? It is estimated that Theo Von makes around $ 100,000 a year from his podcast and comedy. However, appearances on TV shows earn him additional income. What type of car is Théo Von driving?In 2006, Von took part in Last Comic Standing Season 4 where he won the online contest. In mid-2008, Von was a member of the Comedy Central Reality Bites Back sketch / competition show. Von graduated from Mandeville High School and attended several universities before graduating from the University of New Orleans in 2011.

Of Italian and Irish descent from a mother and of Nicaraguan, Polish and A Native American to part of her father, Von starred in numerous reality shows during his college days, including MTV's “Road Rules” and “The Challenge,” of which he won two seasons. He also participated in 'Last Comic Standing', winning the online competition.Von also won Comedy Central's "Reality Bites Back" award before establishing himself as a stand-up comedian. A recognized face in cabaret circles, Von fans have always been curious about his financial situation, prompting us to take a look at his income and net worth. Here's everything we know!

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Theo Von commenced his profession as a stand-up comic on the age of 23, after his time at MTV as a reality-display participant. Von additionally masterminded ‘crank texting,’ because of this that sending a textual content message to random telecellsmartphone numbers to incite conversations as a base for his blog, which garnered sufficient popularity. Von were given his large wreck in 2011 while he have become the host of Yahoo on line TV recap-display ‘Primetime in No Time,’ which he hosted until 2014.

Theo Von’s Net Worth


In 2012, Von were given featured in a highly-rated episode of Comedy Central’s ‘The Half Hour,’ now regarded as ‘Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents.’ Von additionally hosted TBS’ ‘Deal with It’ from 2013 to 2014. In 2016, Von had his leap forward in stand-up comedy together along with his hour-lengthy comedy unique on Netflix titled ‘No Offence.’ In Spring 2018, Von additionally scripted the comedy display ‘Man Up’ which changed into launched on Comedy Central.

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The subsequent milestone in his stand-up profession changed into ‘The Dark Arts Tour,’ a two-yr excursion he finished in 2020, which took him throughout the USA, Australia, and Europe. In 2021, Von commenced his subsequent stand-up comedy excursion, ‘Return of the Rat Tour,’ promoting out venues all throughout the USA, including to his business success.

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