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Grand Blue (ぐらんぶる, Guranburu, called Grand Blue Dreaming in English) could be a Japanese manga series written by Kenji Inoue and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka. it's been serialized in Kodansha' seinen manga magazine good! Afternoon since April 2014 and has been collected in seventeen tankōbon volumes as of Gregorian calendar month 2021. The manga is printed digitally in English by Kodansha USA below the Kodansha Comics imprint. associate degree anime tv series adaptation by Zero-G ventilated from July to September 2018 within the Animism programming block on MBS. A live-action film adaptation was free in August 2020.

Grand Blue Chapter 73: RELEASE DATE



However, he's quickly appalled as he meets the native Diving Club, a gaggle filled with buff men who pay longer drinking, partying, and remotion naked than truly diving. Despite his attempting to distance himself from the group, Iori gets quickly sweptwing up in their antics, whereas his cousins try and show him the wonders of diving into the ocean and sea.


Iori Kitahara (北原 伊織, Kitahara Iori)

Grand Blue Chapter 73: RELEASE DATE


Iori could be an initial year engineering science student at Izu University who had ne'er learned to swim, despite being a part of the diving club. although he ab initio tries to measure a standard life, Iori quickly got forced into the "Peek a Boo" Diving Club's activities that always over with drunk, naked revelry. He often acted reserved and boisterous however he treasures his relationships to the purpose he can repress his worse traits once necessary. though his father was adopted by the Kotegawas, he sees Chisa and Nanaka as family. Iori's open, earnest nature wins over many characters he encounters throughout the story though his ab initio immature tendencies diode him into conflict with the aforementioned individuals. within the past he enjoyed writing songs and unreal of making a band, recollections he finds embarrassing thanks to his previous dearth of talent and syrupy sentiment. Iori is delicate at enjoying tennis, volleyball, and virtually the other sport that involve precise aim. He features a neurotic habit of overthinking easy issues with over-the-top, wild speculations.


Chisa Kotegawa (古手川 千紗, Kotegawa Chisa)

Iori's full cousin and class fellow at Izu University, Chisa could be a sensible and enticing lady with a passion for diving. Compared to the opposite members within the Peek a Boo club, Chisa is delineated because the most "normal". She is level-headed, reserved, and infrequently partakes in inebriated shenanigans. She is tired of romance. To her chagrin, she was forced to obviate regular attempts by other university students to hit on her due to her beauty.

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Chisa's main ambition is to become a diving teacher like her mother and thereto end, she immerses herself in diving culture over something else. She wasn't higher than exploiting others to preserve her solitude, as well as feigning a relationship with Iori to drive away suitors and penalize him for going out of his thanks to facilitating Aina rather than her throughout the wonderful contest. Her relationship with Iori vacillated between tenderness over a shared love of diving and cold disgust at his boisterous nature. As a result of a cold relationship along with her mother Chisa is unaccustomed brazenly expressing her feelings. In emotional eventualities, she attended to get discomposed and lose her composure.

Grand Blue Chapter 73: RELEASE DATE


Toshio Kotegawa (古手川 登志夫, Kotegawa Toshio)

The owner of the diving search Grand Blue and Iori's uncle, furthermore as the father of Chisa and Nanaka.
Nanaka Kotegawa (古手川 奈々華, Kotegawa Nanaka)
the quilt of Grand Blue provides off a primary impression of a serene manga wherever youngsters close to encourage their love for diving. As way as first impressions go, this was virtually deceptive. Grand Blue could be a chaotic manga stuffed with unpredictable insanity. The creators of the manga go all out whereas creating the series, ensuring equality of chaotic humor is else piece by piece. Grand Blue is written by Kenji Inoue associate degreed Kimitake Yoshioka. The manga was ventilated back in 2014 and has since free new chapters in Kodansha’s Good! when noon magazine. galvanized by the manga, an anime adaptation was made by Zero-G studio. The anime, very similar to its supply manga, left its viewers happy until their bellies hurt. After a month-long hiatus, the Grand Blue chapter seventy-three unleash date has been announced.

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This wasn't the primary hiatus of the Grand Blue manga. It went on hiatus in January 2021 thanks to Kenji Inoue’s health issues. As per completely different sources, Kenji Inoue suffers from a definite unidentified back issue. The manga came back in March 2021... Thus, the manga went into hiatus when emotional its 67th chapter. The announcement of their hiatus was created within the June issue of Good! Afternoon. It additionally ensured the come of the manga by June.

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