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Dr. Stone Chapter 214



The Hydroelectric plant electricity test starts offevolved with Dr. Stone Chapter 214 with Ukyo shouting on the Science Kindom Crew that they've a dam. Dr. Stone famous Senku and the Science Kindom’s adventure making ready the experience to the moon. From the modern-day Dr. Stone Chapter, we noticed Ukyo, Chrome, Kaseki running on some thing, and this looks as if a brand new test to manipulate the water seeing that they need to supply electricity. Senku and Kohaku had been additionally at the scene speaking approximately Ruri’s paintings with the villagers once they had been now no longer around. Dr. Stone Chapter 214 famous the paintings withinside the area that had increased, and the scientist puzzled approximately getting extra workforce.


Dr Stone Chapter 214,On the alternative side, we noticed Gen speaking to the brand new crew that these days were given revived. Francoise and different chefs organized the meals for anyone. Dr Stone Chapter 214,Gen additionally pointed out him performing on TV and the ee-e book that Senku wrote. Senku’s Story Time ee-e book had statistics on how they revived anyone and the way they were given petrified withinside the past. Gen and the children determined to analyze extra approximately that ee-e book. The ee-e book additionally discovered constructing the rocket to the moon and the thriller gadgets that grew to become people into stones. They additionally pointed out why guy is up at the moon.

Dr Stone Chapter 214,Gen become visible narrating the whole lot like he become making a song a song. Chelsea and Ryusui additionally had had their say on Gen’s lectures. They believed that Gen become triumphing the populace through telling them interesting matters approximately Senku. Ryusui additionally pointed out his desires, and Sai realizes that Ryusui will by no means omit speaking approximately that. We additionally noticed a image of Sai gambling a recreation while it become time to have a take a observe math. But that's what drove him to analyze extra. Ryusui additionally famous his mind approximately media and that it controls the international.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 214


Dr Stone Chapter 214,The team additionally pointed out diverse media believing that the brand new international has reached the media stage. Kaseki labored on some thing associated with what Ryusui become speaking approximately, and Senku entertained him. Later we noticed the team obtaining TV. After witnessing the brand new technology, the team become amazed, thinking in the event that they had been repeating history. The query approximately the channels that the TV will host. Senku realizes some thing and explains what they lack on this international. Ukyo realizes that Senku knew that they didn’t have a printed whilst making this new item.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

Senku amazed his crew after announcing that they wouldn’t watch suggests on TV, and that they each puzzled what they could watch if now no longer suggests. Ryusui had his say approximately the boat agenda and they were looking ahead to the delivery. Sai was given amazed, and we noticed a few pics of the boat arriving. Taiju regarded and met with Senku whilst gambling their assembly greeting of fist-pumping. The team labored on computer systems and Senku’s new systems. But they struggled once they were given packages to run, and Senku additionally analyses the pc checking on some thing. They additionally pointed out the sport packages.


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Dr Stone Chapter 214,Sai become visible running miracles that helped the team gather the pc. He indicators the team that he has completed his part. Dr Stone Chapter 214,The Science Kingdom team accumulated to look the modern-day new invention. Each member had loads of questions on the pc and a few mind approximately video video games, whilst Ryusui praised his brother. We additionally noticed anyone taking turns to play the video games they appreciated till night. Ryusui and Sai had a chess suit that Sai beat Ryusui. Dr Stone Chapter 214,Sai additionally narrates the tale that happened a long term ago. They additionally pointed out chess moves. Let’s study Dr. Stone Chapter 214 information below.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 214


At the give up of the bankruptcy, we noticed Sai revealing a chess circulate that appeared foolish, however it become awesome sufficient to result in victory. The brothers pointed out technological know-how and the petrification device. Kaseki additionally confirmed his organization a vacuum tube for the medusa, however we additionally witnessed explosions and people becoming stone after looking to warmness a medusa. Let’s study Dr. Stone Chapter 214 professional information below.


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Dr Stone Chapter 214,You can be capable of examine Dr. Stone Chapter 214 on line on VIZ Media’s professional website. Dr. Stone Manga is likewise posted on Shueisha’s on line mag Shonen Jump+ and releases a brand new bankruptcy each week. The spoilers for Those who choose to wait can get the modern-day Dr. Stone Chapter 214 on Sunday. Dr. Stone has not on time the current bankruptcy, however the manga has returned, and it'll keep as usual.

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