November 11, 2021

Where Are Rodney and Michelle Roberson Now?[Read Online]

Where Are Rodney and Michelle Roberson Now? Everything you need to know

Investigation Discovery's “See No Evil: Seeing Red” brings audiences the story of the unexpected death of 18-year-old Bianca Roberson in a roadside madness event. The author, David Desper, turned around at one point a few days after the capture. moms and dads - Rodney and Michelle Roberson, have been tasked with dealing with the terrible loss of their baby girl. Therefore, they were present throughout Bianca's legal process. Who are Rodney and Michelle Roberson, if you're wondering where Rodney and Michelle Roberson's moms and dads are currently located, here's what we get! Mykel and Michelle? Rodney had 2 children: the US Army and the Marine Corps had offered the He in the Merchant Navy before joining the Bianca saying that he appreciated "She was a spoiled brat, but it was my baby, however. We haven't seen her. Now that he was successful and did the things he wanted to do regarding his career.


Where Are Rodney and Michelle Roberson Now?

Bianca said her mom was out and before each of them left in various vehicles. Unfortunately, the little girl had to return to the White House, they had a shock that awaited her. In June, David Desper never got to see him. West Chester on December 28, 2017, was fired to death from Pennsylvania as she tried to regroup into a single lane causeway to Michelle, saying

"How can you shoot a little girl, a girl 18-year-old who goes to college and then run away as nothing had happened?

Where Are Rodney and Michelle Roberson Now?

He didn't deserve to die this way. Trying to figure out why it happened, David ended September, while Bianca pleaded guilty to third-degree murder in 2018. Rodney's family accepted the appeal, they had mixed feelings about it. David in his grieving flu statement: "Why in God's name did you shoot my daughter? Why was she young? Why was she black? Why was she a girl? Why did you want to 'first take to the streets? on a bad day? " As Rodney and Michelle asked David,


Rodney and Michelle

Her daughter had to come home and a surprise awaited her. Unfortunately, Bianca never got to see her. On June 28, 2017, she was killed by David Desper as she tried to blend into a one-lane street in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Michelle struggled to understand why this happened, saying, "How can you shoot a girl? A one-year-old girl, who goes to college and then runs away like nothing is wrong. was? She didn't deserve to die like this. Eventually, David pleaded guilty to third-degree murder in September 2018. While Bianca's family agreed to the request, they had mixed feelings about it. In his victim impact statement, Rodney asked David,

"Why in the name of God did you shoot my daughter?"Why was he young? Why was he black? Why was she a girl?

Where Are Rodney and Michelle Roberson Now?


Why did you want to go out on the street first? Why did you want to go out on the street first? Have you had a bad day? victim impact statements, David said nothing but tears.

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Where are Rodney and Michelle Roberson now? Sadly, Rodney Roberson died on February 15, 2021, from a heart problem. Before his death, Rodney had remarried. After Bianca's death, Michelle started the White Nikol Merge With Mercy Foundation. Among other things, the foundation helps families affected by gun violence.

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As with the show, every year Michelle also offers a scholarship to a graduate student at Bayard Rustin High School in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It appears he still lives in West Chester and works in the Senate office in District 19, Pennsylvania. In May 2021, Bianca's family received an honorary degree from the university she was supposed to attend before her death.

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