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Click Here To Know About Linda Ripa, Lifestyle, Net Worth, Her Accident, Lovelife, where is now?

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Linda Ripa is an American Children’s Books Author. She is known as the elder sister of Kelly Ripa. Linda has also published a book for the children named The Lady Bug Blues. She released her book in 2002.

Linda Ripa’s younger sister Kelly Ripa is a famous American actress, Talk Show host, dancer, and also the producer. Linda has been working in various other fields too like CN8, ABC, New Media Production, and many more.

Linda’s has been a rollercoaster ride as she has met with a terrible accident a few years ago. Many fans want to know more about Linda as she has not revealed that much about herself.

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linda ripa

Linda Ripa Age

Linda Ripa was born on 3 December 1968. She is 53-year-old.


Linda Ripa Height is as follows:-

Height in cm- 163cm

Height in m – 1.63m

Height in feet –  5’3″


Linda Ripa was born in Camden County, New Jersey, USA. Her father’s name is Joseph Ripa, he is the president of the labor union. Her mother’s name is Esther Ripa. She is a housewife. Linda also has siblings-

Lina has one sister named Kelly Ripa, she is a famous actress, dancer, and successful woman. Kelly is known for her role as Hayley Vaughan on the ABC daytime soap opera.

Linda has one son, whose name is Sergio Giuseppe Ripa. His father is unknown. She has not revealed anything about the father of her son.


She has not revealed her education qualification to the public. But she has completed high school and there is not much known about her University.

She has been quiet about her life and rarely discussed anything personal in public. Her fans were curious about her and her life.

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Linda Ripa Net Worth

She is a children’s book author and has also published her book. She is also working on many various channels. She earns a decent amount from her books. Her net worth is estimated to be $10 million, as of 2021. Kelly, her sister, is a well-established host and an actress. She appeared in many tv shows and her estimated net worth is $120million. She is very popular.

Many people identify Linda as the elder sister of Kelly Ripa, due to her high status and popularity. Linda on the other hand wants to keep her private life a secret.

Linda Ripa Son

Linda gave birth to her son on September 8, 1999. Her son was prematurely born after an accident and went into a coma for four weeks.

Ripa named her son Sergio Giuseppe Ripa. Now, he is 21-year-old.


Linda Ripa Husband

She has not revealed that much about her partner, but until 2013, there was news of her wearing a ring on her finger.

It was said that previously she was married or engaged to a police officer and due to some personal issue they both decided to separate their ways. She then raised her son on her own and work hard to live a happy life as a single mother.

Linda Ripa

Linda Ripa Books

Linda is an American children’s book author and has published her book named The Lady Bug Blues. She published her book in April 2002. The book is about a Ladybug who tries to find a place where she fits in. She needs others of her kind. It is her journey to find that place where she fits in.

The book has very cute illustrations and is about 36 pages long. It is for children of age between 2-4yrs.

You can find her book on –


Linda Ripa Instagram

Linda Ripa is not very active on her Instagram. But instead, she is very active on her social media accounts. Her Twitter account has 371 followers. She created her Twitter account in August 2013. Her Twitter ID is @LindaRipa1.

Her  Bio says-

“Expressions Modeling and Talent, ABC, New Media Productions, Philly 57, CN8, NLP, Edit Masters, Writer, Author, Illustrator, V/O’s, ABC’s Across America, Book S “


Many fans interact with her on the Twitter handle. You can check out her Twitter handle.

Linda Ripa

Linda Ripa Accident

Linda Ripa has worked hard throughout her life. Firstly, she raised her son on her own and dealt with everything as a single mother. Her family was always there with her and supported her in her hard times. Linda experienced something more terrible. So, What happened?

Linda when she was seven months pregnant with her son Sergio Giuseppe Ripa, met with a deadly accident.

Linda was driving around the streets of Philadelphia to do work and this was her seven months of pregnancy. At the traffic light, she was waiting to make a turn but suddenly a minivan came and smashed her car.

In this accident, Linda suffered from severe injury. Her bones were cracked and due to this terrible accident, her pelvic was broken. This affected her unborn son. Her son went into a coma. After four weeks, the son was awake.

This accident affected Linda’s whole life. She went through many surgeries. Her son was prematurely born and Linda regrets the fact that this will affect her son’s whole life.

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linda ripa

Linda’s Surgery Mess

Linda Ripa was not only met with a terrible accident but when she went to treat her broken bones, the Doctor made it worse!

Due to the accident, Linda’s pelvic was broken, her bones were broken and her ankle was broken.

The Doctor goes by the name of Dr. Menachem Meller, before filing a suit Linda asked Dr.Meller to settle the suit by paying $2.4 million, but he refused it.

Linda went to court as she accused the doctor of pressuring and rushing the surgeries, with no consent and proper information about the risks of surgeries and then improperly fixing her broken ankle. She couldn’t walk. She had to leave her career of acting, modeling, and hosting and had to take a job as a personal assistant on her younger sister’s talk show.

In the court, both of them presented their case and then, the jurors awarded Linda 15 million dollars, to be paid by the doctor for improper surgery.

It was also revealed that the car that hit Linda’s car was of some Berlin native, it was said that the driver was drunk when he hit the car.


1. What is the age of Linda Ripa?

Ans 53-year-old.

2. What happened to Linda?

Ans. In 1999, she met with a terrible accident. Due to the accident, her bones were cracked and her seven months child went into a coma.

3. What is the zodiac sign of Linda Ripa?

Ans. Sagittarius.

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