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Isekai quartet season 3: Canceled or Renewed? Find it all about the absolutely great series!

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Isekai quartet season 3! Isekai quartet is a Japanese anime show. The series has been loved by the fans and a sequel is always awaited by them. There had been overall two seasons of the series and now Isekai quartet season 3 is much awaited by the anime lovers. So in this particular section, we are going to give you all the details regarding the anime and we would also discuss the possibilities of Isekai quartet season 3. So let’s not waste much time here and get you filled up with all the updates.

Isekai quartet Season 3
Source: myanimelist.com

Isekai quartet has been produced by Kadokawa with the studio PuYUKAI on animation.  The first season of the Isekai quartet was released on April 9, 2019. Isekai quartet season 2 was released on January 14, 2020. As the second season ended, Isekai quartet Season 3 was announced. The show is a crossover between various Isekai shows like Re: Zero, Overlord, Konosuba, and Saga of Tanya The Evil. 

Isekai quartet Season 3 release date 

When is Isekai quartet Season 3 hitting the screens? The announcement of the release of Isekai quartet Season 3 has been done just after the ending of season 2. But we can not anything about the exact dates of release as the officials have not given it yet.  Well, it might be a strategy of the producers to accumulate and create abhyoe of the fans for the upcoming movie titled Isekai quartet movie. The movie is to be released somewhere in 2022. 

The possibilities are there that the fans would be able to watch Isekai quartet Season 3 after the release of the Isekai quartet movie. So we can presume that the third season would make its release probably at the end of 202w or might be in the initials of 2023. 

Fortunate for the fans, that the officials have at least confirmed the release of Isekai quartet Season 3, so fans have a hope that they wait with. The confirmation of the third season was done in the last episode of the season second.  Another assumption we can make is that the gap between Season 1 and Season 2 was around a year, so we can say that if the producers are concerning the movie as its third season then we can hope for Isekai quartet Season 3 after a year of the movie. But as we said it is just an assumption,  the makers can anytime break this pattern and can surprise the fans. 

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Plot of Isekai quartet 

What is the Isekai quartet about? Isekai quartet does not have a definite plotline. Its beginning is quite interesting,  the protagonists of the series happen to a mysterious button. The mysterious button on being pressed takes them to a whole new world. It is a lightweight spinoff series.  

In Isekai quartet Season 2, the high school students are seen to be preparing for the yearly festival which includes trading valentine cards and snooping liquor from the principal’s office. We can assume a glimpse of Isekai quartet Season 3, when all the groups show up together in the third season then it would be worth watching.  Well, we hope Isekai quartet Season 3 would bring more adventure and fun to the fans. 

Isekai quartet Season 3
Source: spoilerguy.com

It might also be a case that the makers may introduce more franchises to make it more attractive and interesting.  At this time, Sword Art Online characters are more likely to join the Isekai quartet Season 3. There are many rumors which are hard to believe as no official announcements have been made by the makers. The show already has a powerful protagonist so we expect a nearly powerful antagonist in the show. It would make the show far more interesting than ever. 

Main characters of the show


Penguin is a young girl who has brown hair. She does not have a properly developed body as compared to her other classmates. She is an Arch Wizard and belonged to the Crimson Demon Clan in the Fantasy World.  She is the very first one to join the party of Kazuma. She is one of the important characters of the Konosuba series.  

She is an outspoken and boisterous personality.  She usually appears in anger and arrogance and usually boasts her destructive powers, but she does not take time to drop it all off when she finds that the situation is getting desperate. 


Rem is a young girl with light blue eyes and sky blue hair. She along with her sister is a maid in service of Lord Roswaal L Mathers. Her sister’s name is Ram. She is one of the important and supportive characters of Re: zero and she possessed her major roles in Arc 2, Arc 3, and Arc 7. She did not trust Subaru at all but after he saved her life, she fell for him. She was transported to the Empire of Vollacia with her love Subaru and Louis Arneb in the initial phase of Arc 7. 

Tanya von Degurechaff

Tanya is also one of the important characters in the series and she is also a protagonist of Youjo Senki. He was a boy before reincarnation, he was murdered back in 2013 and then he got reincarnated and showed back as a young girl. She is a student of class 2 and also is a member of The Disciplinary Committee.  

Reinhard Van Astrea

Isekai quartet Season 3
Source: fandom.com

He is the strongest character in the Isekai quartet. He is a member of Class 1, he is a tall, handsome young man who has red hair and blue eyes.  

Frequently asked questions 

1. Will Isekai quartet Season 3 hit the screens?

The makers of the Isekai quartet have announced that there would be Isekai quartet Season 3 but unfortunately, they have not revealed any dates of release.  To create hype, they have announced the Isekai quartet movie which is set to be released in 2022. 

2. Which is the strongest character in the Isekai quartet?

Reinhard is the strongest in the Isekai quartet and his home series as well. 

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