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Smile Down The Runway Season 2! Renewal or Cancelation? Let’s discover the possibilities of the renewal!

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Smile Down The Runway Season 2! Smile Down The Runway is a series that featured the story of a fashion model and designer who are in hunger to prove themselves and establish themselves in the fashion industry. The anime fans loved a different theme in the series and since the ending of the first season, its fans are looking forward to Smile Down The Runway Season 2.

The fans found the story motivational and were instantly charmed by it. So would Smile Down The Runway Season 2 ever make it to the screens or would it be canceled? We are here to provide you with the latest and most reliable information about the anime series.  

Smile Down The Runway Season 2

Smile Down The Runway 

Smile Down The Runway is also known as Runway de Waratte. This is a Japanese anime series that is the serialization of the manga under the same title by Kotoba Inaya. The first season of the series ran for twelve episodes and it was animated by Ezo’la Animation Studio.  It was debuted on the screen on January 11, 2020, and the last episode aired on March 28 of the same year.  

In May 2021, when Volume 21 was published, the publishers declared that Volume 22 would be the last and final of Smile Down The Runway.  

Smile Down The Runway Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

Is Smile Down The Runway Season 2 renewed? If we talk about the reviews of season 1, the reviews were really good and the viewers enjoyed the show because it had a realistic and simple approach. The way it has been shown in the series about the development of the protagonist was very impressive and intense and at the same time, the show has also dealt with the struggles very beautifully.  Keeping all of this concern we must have come to the conclusion and the reasons why the series was loved and was famous.  Time could not fade its popularity with time but it has only enhanced it. The show got good ratings and reviews almost from all the platforms. 

Apart from the popularity factor, if we talk about the source material then we can say that the Ezo’la animation studio has enough of the content that they can make a whole new season out of that. Till we can not spot anything that can be against the release of Smile Down The Runway Season 2. We can expect the makers to release Smile Down The Runway Season 2 soon along with the release of the final volume of the manga. So we can say that we would soon watch some more of the fashion clothing and ramp walks. 

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Expected release date of Smile Down The Runway Season 2

Is Smile Down The Runway Season 2 getting a green flag soon? If the officials announce the news of the release of Smile Down The Runway Season 2 soon, then we can expect that we might be getting Smile Down The Runway Season 2 very soon on our screens. We can take a guess time according to the situation in the current time and that would be around the end of 2022 or might be at the beginning of 2023. The exact date is hard to tell at this moment as we have not received any official statements from the officials yet. But we will update you as soon as we get any lead on it. 

Would Smile Down The Runway end with Volume 22 of the manga? 

Is Volume 22 the final of the manga and Smile Down The Runway? At the time of the release of Volume 21, the publishers have announced that Volume 22 would be the last Volume and the final one as well. So we can say that the author of the manga, Kotoba Inoya is giving the story a final touch and would be concluding it in Volume 22. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the final volume. 

English dub of Smile Down The Runway 

Is the English dub of Smile Down The Runway available? Yes, Smile Down The Runway has been dubbed in English and Funimation is the platform where you can binge it. 

The plot of Smile Down The Runway 

Around whom does the plot of Smile Down The Runway revolve? Fujito Chiyuki is the female protagonist of the show. She is the daughter of a famous modeling agency owner. Fujito has a dream of becoming a fashion model.  She is perfect for such a career as she has a good body, she is eager to be a fashion model, and also an important aspect that is she belongs to a family which holds a family background that can support her. 

But as the story develops she finds out that she has not gained the height which is essential to be a fashion model and she falls into demotivated phase. But this phase does not last long as she meets Tsumura Ikuto. Tsubasa is a talented fashion designer but has not achieved his heights yet and is struggling to achieve them. Both the imperfectly perfect personalities match up together and start working to leave their mark in the fashion industry.  

Smile Down the runway Season 2

Frequently asked questions 

1. Who is Ikuto Tsumara in Smile Down The Runway?

Ikuto is a teenage aspiring fashion designer who has not got enough exposure to showcase his talent in the world. His financial condition was also a hurdle in his success. He is an optimistic personality and he wishes to be a fashion designer for Chiyuki and her family and later on, he starts to feel for Chiyuki. 

2. Does Chiyuki love Ikuto Tsumara back?

Chiyuki is also a teenage girl and dreams of becoming a fashion model but her height becomes an issue in her path. She has everything needed to be a model which includes good looks, passion, and also some strong connections in the fashion industry. She meets Ikuto in the path and falls for him. 

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