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Mysterious girlfriend x season 2 Release date, Plot twists and everything you need to know about this fantastic anime series.

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Mysterious girlfriend x is a Japanese manga written by Riochi Ueshiba. There is an anime television series by Hoods entertainment with the same name, which is directed by Ayumu Watanabe and written by Deko Akao. The genre of the anime series is a romantic comedy. season 1 of the series aired on 7 April 2012 and the last episode of the season aired on 30 June 2013. It’s been pretty long since season 1 came and fans have been waiting for Mysterious girlfriend x season 2. Those who have watched season 1 of the Anime series are pretty much impatient for the release of Mysterious girlfriend x season 2. We hope it’s rereleasedoon.

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Mysterious Girlfriend X Plot

the story is basically about Tsubaki and Urabe’s relationship. Tsubaki becomes addicted to Urabe’s drool. As the story proceeds, we see that their love deepens and the couple wants to stay together forever.

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In episode 1 Tsubaki had a strange dream and the next morning Urabe joins the class and she is a newly transferred student. She is kinda anti-social so people assume her to be weird. One day Tsubaki wakes Urabe up at the end of the school day and he ended up tasting her drool left on the desk. That night he had a strange dream about a mysterious girl and he couldn’t get her off his mind. After some days he falls ill. Urabe was suspicious of him tasting her drool so he decides to visit him. She finally asks him the truth and comforted him by promising that she won’t make fun of him, he admits it. She took her finger and coated it with her drool and made Tsubaki suck her finger and then his illness goes away. The next day he is enthusiastic about going to school and gets surprised when he sees Urabe waiting for him before his walk home. Tsubaki started falling more and more in love with Urabe and he had dreams about Urabe, of dancing together on the roof of the Hotel. As the story proceeds, Tsubaki asks Urabe to be his girlfriend to which she replies that she wants him to prove it in a way that only he can. He does prove it and she becomes his girlfriend.

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In episode 2 Tsubaki asks Ueno that what should be the first move towards a girl with whom you are in a relationship, without revealing that he is now in a relationship with Urabe. Ueno asks if he has a girlfriend to which he denies then Ueno tells that holding hands would be a good first move. however, the advice didn’t turn out to be a good one when it comes to Urabe, and eventually, Tsubaki becomes depressed.

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Wanna know more? Then you should watch it on Crunchyroll for free.

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Mysterious girlfriend x season 2: is there a chance of return? if yes, then when? 

After the release of season 1, the series gained so much love and everyone wants Mysterious girlfriend x season 2 to come as soon as possible but it’s been like 7 years still there is no sign that the anime will return. The main motive of the series was to advertise the manga with the same name and the manga series has been ended way back in 2014. So there is no hope left for the return of Mysterious girlfriend x season 2. Still, we can wait, who knows what’s gonna happen. The fan has been waiting and the demand for Mysterious girlfriend x season 2 is increasing.

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Characters in Mysterious girlfriend x Season 2

Mikoto Urabe: Nobody knows much about her. Tsubaki visits her house occasionally and has never seen her parents be around. She is transferred to Tsubaki’s school. She tries to be antisocial at first and denies eating lunch with anyone so she can spend her lunch break sleeping. Urabe is very much aware of the bond she and Tsubaki share. She expresses her feeling with the help of drool. She is seen to have been dreaming of Tsubaki with the help of drool. As we move ahead in the series we see her becoming friends with Ayako Oka, Oka also happens to have a drool bond with Urabe. All of her strange behavior includes her skills of playing with scissors. She keeps the scissors hidden in her underwear and uses them whenever she feels the need.

Mysterious girlfriend x season 2
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Akira Tsubaki: He is Urabe’s boyfriend and is an average boy. He lives with his father and his sister. His mother passed away when he was very young. After Urabe’s transfer to her class, he is attracted to her. One day he wakes Urabe up from her desk and sees her drool and tastes it. After that, he falls ill. Urabe visits him and claims that he has lovesickness and he got it from her drool. Shortly afterward they became a couple. Although they are in a relationship, he feels that there is too much distance between them. They rarely have physical contact. Later Tsubaki started to taste her drool daily as drool can transmit feelings.

Mysterious girlfriend x season 2.
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Ayuko Oka: she is Urabe’s friend and Kouhei’s girlfriend. She is a short girl with a perfect model-like body. When she see Tsubaki and Urabe sharing drool she reveals to Urabe that they too share a drool bond.

Kouhei Ueno: he is Tsubaki’s friend and Ayuko’s boyfriend. When Tsubaki saw them kissing he told Tsubaki to keep their relationship a secret. He is very protective when it comes to Ayuko and makes her dress according to his likings so that boys would stay away from her.

Youko Tsubaki: she is Tsubaki’s elder sister. She is a perfect sister who tries her best in taking care of her younger brother in absence of her mother and she doesn’t want to get married until her brother graduates and settles. She does housekeeping and sometimes gets worried about her brother’s strange behavior after tasting Urabe’s drool. However, Tsubaki hasn’t told her about their relationship yet.

where to watch

You can watch it on HiDive and VRV. And it’s available for free on Crunchyroll with ads.

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