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Here’s How You Can Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows on Netflix and Get Paid for It! Easy Mathod

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In this day and age, we spend so much time on Netflix that it become an addiction at this point. It’s got everyone hooked- adults, kids, and teenagers. Instead of wasting your time watching shows, how about you earn some money while watching shows. Sounds unreal right? I KNOW. But it’s true! There are multiple ways you can earn money while watching your favorite shows in the comfort of your cozy bed. If you are a student, make sure to take advantage of the Netflix student discount.

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Don’t worry, this is not a scam, it’s legitimate. So read on further if you want some dollar bills with your Netflix and Chill!!



First and foremost, you can get hired by Netflix themselves and they will pay you to binge-watch your favorite tv shows and movies. Netflix hires fans who are employed as “editorial analysts” or “creative analysts.” They assist in “tagging” the shows and therefore they are also known as taggers. This way people get paid to do something that they love-watch TV shows and movies.

credits: www.about.netflix.com

The tagger’s work entails them watching a bunch of Netflix content and then tagging the movie or TV show episodes with the relevant metadata. This is one of the ways that important information about a particular TV show or movie on Netflix is compiled. Now you might be wondering what is metadata you will need to collect? Metadata is information about the content such as:-

  • Year of release
  • available language of the content
  • names of  directors
  • names of cast members
  • determination of genre
  • whether profanity is used
  • Presence of sex scenes
  • etc

Another important duty of the Taggers is to assign the content with appropriate tags, rating and sometimes writing the synopsis for the Netflix series, movies, or documentary.

The average income for a Tagger is $69,906 per year.

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2.Swagbucks :

Another way to earn money while watching Netflix is through Swagbucks. No this is not a scam, you may earn money by seeing Netflix content through Swagbucks. The best part about this is that it’s completely free to join and they even throw in a $5 welcome bonus once you sign up! Neat right?

credits: www.mobile.twitter.com

All you have to do is join Swagbucks and download their app on your phone. Then you are all set to go. Swagbucks is essentially an online platform that rewards users for completing tasks. These tasks include reviewing short films, videos, etc.  . You can use the app to play videos on your phone while you sit in your bed binge-watching another season of Game of Thrones. This way you can earn money while watching your favorite shows.

3. MyPoints

MyPoints is an online site that provides rewards to its members for doing small tasks like watching videos. This is a completely free site and after you finish signing up, you receive a 0 dollar sign-up bonus. Once you become a member, you are given a playlist of videos that are required to watch to earn money.

credits: www.modestmoney.com

One can start playing the MyPoints playlist on the phone and resume watching Netflix. Now you are getting paid to watch Netlfix You earn points (you can earn almost 500 a day!) which can be used to cash out in various forms such as Amazon gift cards.

4. Miscellaneous Method:

Hold up! There is another way to earn some dollar bills besides the above-mentioned ones.  There is a legit program that will pay you $5 to $50 per day in exchange for your views and opinions on the Netflix content.

SurveyJunkie is an online platform that pays its members just for giving their viewpoints. However, this allows only the participation of USA, Canada, and Australian residents.



There are ways that one can enjoy their binge-watching time knowing that they are getting some cash out of this. Although some of the sites don’t work with Netflix per says they all give you ways to earn money with virtually no work. Just let the videos play in the background and you can enjoy your Netflix TV shows, movies, or documentaries.


1. Is it a scam to get paid to watch Netflix?

While one must be skeptical about such programs which promise money in return for watching Netflix, the above-mentioned methods are not a scam. These aren’t some of the fraudulent websites that scam people. Don’t worry about that at all here. They are legit methods through which one can get some extra money and make their wallet a bit cushier

2. Do I need any Qualifications to be a Netflix tagger?

Netflix is looking for an analyst who is genuinely interested in entertainment and can help in categorizing TV series, movies, etc. Ideally, the tagger should have a deep knowledge of the industry, and experience in the field is an added benefit. Candidates should have the ability to differentiate between various kinds of content and be able to illustrate their views concisely.

3. How can I earn money while watching Netflix?

There are multiple ways by which you can earn money while viewing your favorite television show movie or documentary. Some online sites reward you for watching playlists of videos. One can play these videos on their phone toss it aside and continue their Netflix binge-fest Some sites like this include — Swagbucks  MyPoints, InboxDollars, etc. The best part about them is that the sign-up is completely free and you may even be given a ssign-up bonus!


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