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How to go live on Twitch!… Easy way to go for live

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Twitch is one of the live streaming platforms in the US. This is specially designed for video game live streaming. Not only video gaming but also music is broadcasted. Real-life streaming is also allowed in Twitch. Twitch is an Amazon subsidiary. It is live streaming and video streaming site. It gives a worldwide service.


Twitch was first launched on June 6, 2011. It had about 45 million viewers in 2013. In 2014, it become the 4th largest Internet traffic in the US. At now, there are around more than 3 million broadcasters and about 15 million active users in Twitch. Twitch had over 27,000 partner channels. Here there are some simple tips and tricks to how to go for life.

Live on Twitch

Create your account

Twitch allows its users to go for live streaming. To go for a life in Twitch, first, you have to create an account on Twitch. Download the Twitch app on your mobile or PC. Open the app and create your account. One of the important things is to turn on Two-factor Authentication. By this, your account becomes safer. You can use Twitch anywhere and anytime to watch and go live. In iOS, Macs, Android, iPhone, and PC, you can use the Twitch app.


Customize your account attractive. So, new users know your channel and start to follow your account. And also you can customize your profile picture and bio of your own via mobile devices. By using a browser, you have additional settings to customize your profile and bio. There is also a Personal Branding to show up all of the places you can customize your page to show you and your brand.

Safety tips

By accepting Two-step Authentication, your Twitch account becomes safer. Also, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before accepting. Also, you have to establish your Moderation and Safety setting before starting your first live streaming. This ensures your first experience on Twitch and your growing community. AutoMod is one the greatest tool to improve your experience and also serves you as the first line of defense for moderation.

live sharing

Make your life on Twitch become good

Make your broadcasting software. By that, you can get your content out. Twitch’s first-party software helps you to set up streaming and let you go live in just a minute. This will make sure of the good working condition of your microphone, webcam, and other technical aspects while streaming.

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Before going live, make sure of the title, categorize and tag your stream. So that, people can find and view your life easily. after that, you may see some tips or references to help you if you have a problem or trouble while you go for life.

Technical support to go for life on Twitch on PC

There are some technical aspects needed for good live streaming.

Internet connection

For continuous and endless live streaming, a solid internet connection is very important. Software with a good internet connection makes your life much good.

Twitch Studio

There are lots of streaming apps on the internet. One of the best live streaming especially for Twitch is ‘Twitch studio’. It takes you directly to Twitch and makes your life so easy to do. Twitch studio also provides guidelines and an intuitive experience while setting up your stream. If you are getting tired of setting your live streaming, then Twitch studio is the best companion for you. It also runs other apps such as OBS, XSplit, and so on.


PC condition

Make sure your PC is in good condition. To run streaming software, the PC should be in good condition, so that it can make your life smooth.

Video and audio

Be sure of your video and audio will be clear to your audience. This makes a great impact on your live viewing audience count. For audio clearance, use branded microphones. This enhances the audio quality of your life. Make sure that you do your life in a noiseless place. Because noise can make your audience irritating. It is highly recommended to use dynamic microphones. Because it only what sound it is directed and avoid most of the environmental sounds.

live on Twitch

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Video quality plays a vital role in live streaming. Your camera, its angle, and its lighting effect. These aspects play a vital role in your video quality. It is not recommended of starting your live streaming with the most high-end option in the camera.

Live on Twitch in Mobile

You can easily go for Live on Twitch using mobile. For this, you just need to download the Twitch app on your mobile. If you are an android user, you will get the Twitch app in the Play store. Unless you are an iPhone user, you will get the Twitch app through the App Store. At that, you have to create your account, so that you can go for life. In the streaming section, there will be two options for you.

Streaming type

One is Stream games and the other is stream IRL. If you are choosing Stream Games, your mobile screen will stream. By this, you can show your gaming. If you are choosing Stream IRL, then your mobile camera will start to stream. To show your live streaming to viewers, you need to choose your streaming category. So that people came to know about your live streaming.

Live on Twitch Conclusion

Simply said, to go for a life in Twitch on your mobile, tap the profile icon which is in the top left corner. Here you can see a Go Live! option. By tapping this, you can go for a life in Twitch. For watching live on Twitch, there is no need to sign up. But, if want to go live, you must sign up in Twitch. You can sign up In Twitch at no cost. There is a need to pay any cost to go for alive. For live, you just need a good quality camera mobile, or a computer with a webcam, streaming software like Twitch studio, a microphone with good quality like a dynamic microphone, and an uninterrupted internet connection.

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