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Add Emotes to Discord Chat – Simple Guide & Tweaks

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Discord is one of the best apps for communication. Communication can be done by Voice chat, Video chat, and Text chat. There are lots of options for Discord users to customize their chat settings. Discord is great in its way of giving customization for its user need. One of the great Discord customizations is added emotes to discord chat. Emotes are a cute way to convey our feelings. Making emotes is also an interesting thing to do. There are lots of methods to add emotes in your chat.

add emote to discord chat

Templates usage

Using Templates is the simplest way to create emotes. Download the emote you want to use in a Discord chat. Add the downloaded emote to the Discord server. You can also edit the template and customize it according to your need. There are lots of websites that provide templates for Discord and also editing tool for it.

customized emote

One of the best websites is Kapwing’s remote maker. This website itself provides editing for the templates. Lots of already created memes have been uploaded to this website. You have many options to choose templates according to your need.

You can also add the text you want to show in the meme. For that, click any template. And go to the edit option. On the left top menu, you can see ‘Text’ which is next to ‘Upload’. By clicking this, you can test anything on the template.


Also, we can add other images and other elements to that templates. These options are available on the menu bar. After doing all your customization on that template, export it to your Discord server.

Upload emote

One of the most important things to keep in mind is your image does not exceed the size of 128×128 pixels. This is the fixed size of the Discord emote. If your meme size is more than that, then you have to resize it to 128×128 pixels.

Make emotes to Discord using Photoshop

Nowadays so many photo editing apps on the internet like Adobe photoshop, Photopea, and so on, are free to download and use. These apps give extra effects to your emotes. In this article, there is a brief discussion about the Photopea app.

emote creating

Open the app. Create a new file by selecting the file option or press Alt+Ctrl+N. Here you can see many templates in many sizes. You can also search images according to the size you need. In the width option, fill 125, and in the height option also fill125. This is the acceptable size of Discord emote. You can also edit the image you want. Open the image you want to make your emote. If the image you choose is more than the limit, the size by ‘Transform control’.  After clicking the option, you can easily alter your image size. To make sure of the quality of the image, press Shift while deforming the image.

add emote to discord chat

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It’s a time to make your emote more fun and beautiful. There are lots of options on the left side menu. you can make your image rotate, crop, and anything. Coloring, drawing with the help of brush or pencil, erasing, Texting, zooming, and so on. Once you have done all your customization, you can add emotes to Discord chat. For that, go to the File option and then click export. you will be asking for the format. Choose PNG format for emoting. lastly, click Save.

Animated emojis

By using Discord Nitro, you can also upload animated emojis. However, there are some difficulties in making it and a little bit difficult to customize it, and need to know some techniques. But some websites like Kapwing make this quite simple. It is so easy whether you have a video you want to make emote or GIF.

animated emotes

Open the website and add the video or GIF you want to edit. To cut the video for a fixed time, drag the timeline, which is below the video. After that, you can extract the video with a suitable length. Next, you have to delete the unwanted video parts. Some other editing options such as crop the video or GIF, adjusting the volume, zooming in and zooming out, and also you can adjust the corners. You can also make some effects to your emote by the Animate and Effect options. Also, you can add colors to yours to make it more attractive.

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It is necessary to check the size of the emote. The size must not be greater than 256kb. To reduce the size of the some, click space outside the emote anywhere, and in the canvas enter the size of 125×125 which is in the right menu.

emote size

A red color button which is for the export option is at the top of the right side. Near this, a downward arrow mark is placed. By clicking this, your emote will be exported to your server.

Add emotes to Discord chat

Now it’s time to add your exported emote to your Discord chat. Follow the steps to add your custom emotes and make your conversation more interesting and simple to express your feelings.


  • Open the Discord app.
  • On the left side, Servo icon is placed
  • Right-click the logo.
  • Open ‘Server settings’.
  • Click the ‘Upload emoji’ bar in blue color which is in the emoji menu.
  • Upload the emote you want to add.

Follow the same steps to upload the animated emotes in your Discord chat.

Use emotes in Discord chat

You can use the recently uploaded emoted in Discord chat in the following way.

  • Open the Discord server.
  • Tap and open any text channel you want to send motes.
  • Click the emoji icon on the keyboard.
  • Select the ‘PC strike’ in the category list.
  • After that, you can see all your animated images and customized emotes you do.


Chatting with our community people makes us feel so happy. With these emotes, the chatting will be more interesting and lovable. Also making our own customized emotes is so interesting and we can also learn new skills and improvisation on that skill. Some points to remember while making emotes are the size should be in Discord emote size. Also, you have to give a name to your emote. You can upload a maximum limit of 50 animated emotes and 50 image emotes.

emotes to Discord channel


  1. How to add friends to the Discord server?

Click the ‘Add friends’ option. Search your friend id and send ‘Friend request’.

2. How to make animated emotes?

You can use Discord nitro to make animated emotes.

3. What is the best website used to create emotes?

Kapwing is the best website for making emotes.


For more details and information, visit Themarketactivity

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