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How to Overclock your DDR4 RAM | Custom Settings | Detailed Guide

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Anyone who is a PC enthusiast and a gamer know how vital RAM overclocking is for the proper utilization of expensive RAM. And it is known to these enthusiasts is that without overclocking it you are not using your RAM to its full potential.

If you are someone new to overclocking some quick questions might arise in your head? Does overclocking of memory modules bring any big change in a PC’s performance?

The simple answer to this question is yes, there is a definite change and at times overclocking can be very confusing. However, the article will be your easy guide and you will take no less than 5 minutes to do this tedious job of overclocking DDR4 RAM. And you can decide then the process was worth trying or not.

This article will answer all your queries in the simplest way possible. You can overclock your RAM DDR4 to a suitable speed.

This article will provide you with all the pros and cons of the task and how you should proceed so sit back and gear up to find all your answers.

overclocking ram

Why Overclock RAM?

RAM items now come at different speeds and frequencies. But the speed we are looking for doesn’t come at default configurations.

Every RAM that comes now in the market is locked at a certain frequency so when you check for the RAM speed you will see that it is more than it is utilizing. RAMs are programmed to not fully utilize that speed. However, one can increase that speed with the help of overclocking.

RAM overclocking comes with many advantages. Some of these advantages are more FPS (Frames Per Second) in games, more stability while multitasking, etc.

All of this will only make sense when you have the PSU to support overclocking. So make sure that you have a PSU that is sufficient for the same.

Ram specifications

Using Custom Settings to Overclock RAM DDR4

It is better to add in that extra effort now than to be at a greater loss in the future. This is in regards to the custom way of overclocking, which is the safest way to overclock RAM as here you can set the settings according to your PC’s capability.

Here is a step by step guide to overclocking RAM on different popular motherboards:

Overclock RAM on ASUS Motherboards

Here’s how overclocking RAM takes place for an ASUS motherboard:

  1. Click on the “F2” or “Del” button while starting or restarting the PC to open the bios menu.
  2. Go to advance mode.
  3. Choose the option, by selecting AI Tweaker/Overclocking tab.
  4. Similarly, Select AI Overclocking Tuner to Manual/XMP(Extreme Memory Profile)
  5. After that, you will see options for DRAM Frequency where you can adjust the speed.
  6. Then restart the PC selecting the “Save and Exit” option (F10 for most motherboards).



How to Overclock RAM on GIGABYTE Motherboards

Here is how to overclock your RAM on a gigabyte motherboard are given below:

  1.  While starting or restarting the PC to open the bios menu and opt for clicking on the “F2” or “Del” button
  2. A tab called M.I.T can be found in the bios, here you can overclock your system.
  3. First, simply select the XMP and click the “+” button, this will change it to active manual mode, then you will disable the manual mode.
  4. You can then select memory frequency (MHz) and click the “+” button to adjust the frequency.


Overclocking RAM DDR4 by XMP

What do you mean by XMP? It basically stands for Extreme Memory Profiles.

Simply it can be said that:

XMP is based on Intel technology. And it does not hinder the users and let them overclock their RAM very easily. Using XMP one can easily choose multiple memory settings by simply selecting a different profile.

Now let us carry the discussion forward about how to overclock RAM using XMP in Asus, MSI, gigabyte motherboards.

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The above-mentioned motherboard’s bios will have XMP (if supported). So, you will first need to find it and enable it to overclock your RAM.

There are various cases for XMP and most of the time these cases have an option of 1-3 profiles to choose from. Once all of the above procedure is followed you might want to experience the new speed of the RAM. To experience the very same you just need to select your desired profile and restart your PC.

One thing you should know that:

One demerit of XMP is that the speed it provides might not go hand in hand with your PC’s power supply or your RAM.

Sometimes there is a possibility to even burn your RAM too for this reason. So, keep all the risks in mind while using the XMP profile.

What’s the bottom line?

XMP is only for the High-end RAM power by High-end power supplies

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Overcolocking ram

Memory Overclocking Problems and their Solutions

With greater usability, there will be also risks that can hamper the components of your PC. So however you choose to do overclocking be very cautious.

  • Blue screen of death,
  • Restarting/shutting down of PC automatically,
  • PC not turning on properly etc.

When met with the above-mentioned problems or similar to these you can be sure that, your RAM’s overclocked frequency is not suitable for your PC.


This leads to only one solution where you change the frequency again by the same method to a safe and stable condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does RAM overclocking bring any change in Gaming performance?

Yes, it does, but you will notice these changes only on some games. Because the speed requirement varies from game to game.

How much speed can I get from a good Memory Module?

It depends on its ratings you can speed up your RAM up to the ratings or even more than that. The factors involved are that RAM’s heat sinking capacity is good and the power supply is enough including the cooling system.

Does overclocking do any harm to the RAM?

Not quite, but if the overclocking is not done perfectly then it may reduce the life of the RAM.

Is XMP suitable for overclocking RAM?

Yes, but only if you have a good cooling system and enough power from your power supply.

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