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Now search anything on Reddit, comments, posts or anything

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New search functions in Reddit 

Reddit is an American website for discussions, gathering social news, and rating web content. It has recently announced the function to search on its website. Now we can search for everything. Along with this, various advances have been made to get useful and the aptest results. The makers of the website say that it’s the first time in the company’s history of 16 years that you can search anything over there. Users can also use specific keywords for search to get a more picked out result. That will be more suitable than searching for something all over Reddit.


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Modified features 

Reddit has modified its website appearance over mobile and desktop. You’ll get various options like comments, posts, users, and communities and you can choose from them. As per the surveys conducted by Reddit, this feature was the most demanding one. Earlier, the users had to search this on Google. That’s why this has come into the picture. Here, there is no limitation like you have to search the exact spelling only. It will show up all the results related to your searches. That’s a nice thing about it that the search is not spelling-specific. On some other sites, there are such restrictions and sometimes it takes a long time to find what we want.


Convenience for the users

This is a helpful tool that can estimate what the user wants and user satisfaction is the ultimate goal. The most popular posts will be shown on top while others will be shown according to that order. It depends upon how many interactions a post has. All these features are there to help you find the content you need. All these efforts are appreciated. Undoubtedly, Reddit has done a great job by deploying these. All this is going to reduce the users’ efforts.

New Discovery Tab 

Reddit introduced a Discovery tab and some other menus in its mobile app. Though it rarely brings any modifications to the mobile app. This has been done to manage subscriptions. This tab has been deployed earlier itself. According to Reddit, every user joined a new community after the introduction of this tab. It proves to be a good medium for consumers’ interaction with the world. This tab allows the users to discover things on Reddit. It can be found on the top of the navigation bar. It has replaced the communities and subscription tab.

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Great engaging medium 

It’s a great source of engagement and exploration for a section of society that needs companionship like senior citizens. Even it’s a great source of entertainment and infotainment. This particularly shows the content based on what you already follow and the duration of time you spend. You can scroll over a lot of categories over there and it won’t use your data like location, gender, or age. It is fully based on your previous surfing. Apart from all these, it also allows you to customize your community with several other features.


1. Where are all the little things I’m used to from old Reddit?

It’s still in alpha, (beta?), not all features will be here yet.

2. My sidebar is empty, what did you do to it?

You have to start it up from scratch using the new sidebar widgets system.

3. Why can’t I add/edit new wikis, mutlireddits, settings, or most things in deeper Reddit?

Admins are working on the face of Reddit and want the landing pages to work before diving into the more complex areas of Reddit.

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