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Nintendo has played its hand in a year replete with ground-breaking firm acquisitions, announcing that the corporation has officially bought more land. This new parcel of property is located near Nintendo’s current office in Japan, which will contain a new facility to boost the company’s R&D department, according to Nintendo.


So far, Nintendo has had another fantastic year. For the Nintendo Switch, the business has released Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Kirby and the Forgotten Land, both of which have received positive reviews and sales figures. As Nintendo’s Switch device continues to be a success,

It’s only natural for the corporation to grow and possibly pursue the construction of its next major, successful console. Today’s announcement may stoke curiosity about what Nintendo has planned for the future.


Nintendo said today on its official website that it has purchased a roughly 10,000 square meter block of property directly adjacent to its Kyoto headquarters. This tract of land was auctioned for 5 billion yen, or around USD 40 million. This new piece of property will house a complex tentatively dubbed Corporate Headquarters Development Center, Building 2, with the primary goal of R&D reinforcement. Nintendo estimates that the new structure will be finished in December 2027.


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R&D (Research and Development) is a critical component of every hardware company’s success.

It’s where Nintendo would look at what made the Nintendo Switch so popular, as well as what consumers might want to see next from the firm, and it’s where Nintendo’s future system would be developed. Nintendo may have some big ideas simmering for the hardware side of its company as the Switch ages, with a $40 million investment and a completion target of December 2027.

Nintendo indicated earlier this year that the Nintendo Switch is nearing the end of its lifecycle and that there are no substantial plans for a Switch successor in the foreseeable future. However, Nintendo’s statement today about land acquisition for development purposes could signal the start of the next phase of its hardware company. Nintendo may find it difficult to ignore competitors like the Steam Deck and Aya Neo. Many fans have praised the amount of power packed into these handhelds’ small form factors, as well as the striking visual changes in titles compared to Switch versions.

As the Switch becomes older, more fans are noticing how the console’s age is restricting the Switch’s otherwise outstanding game lineup. Nintendo will need new hardware at some point, and it appears like the corporation is starting the process now.

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