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‘Anna’ reveals an unseen side of fashion’s most influential figure

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On the front page of “Ana,” a new biography of Anna Vintur, editor-in-chief of American Consumer, designer Tom Ford told fashion journalist Amy Odell, “The beautiful thing about Anna is that the average person understands who she is.” “You show them a picture, and they respond, ‘It’s a win-win situation,'” says the narrator.


Winter, who has been the editor-in-chief of the most renowned fashion magazine since 1988, is a household name not just in the industry but also in society.

On July 5, 2021, Anna Winter attended Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture Fruit / Winter 2021/2022 in Paris, France. Credit: Getty Images/Edward Barthel


“Anna,” which Odell began writing in 2018, charts Winthur’s climb to one of the most prominent positions in modern media, beginning in London in the 1960s. To get a whole picture, Odell spoke with over 250 people, some of whom wanted not to be identified, and combed through archive data and previous coverage of the undisputed queen of fashion.

The finished product is part of a larger, widely reported non-fiction (here’s an 80-page footnote) that blends internal anecdotes – Andy Warhol thought she was a “terrible dresser”; Bradley Cooper sought her advice on who to cast in the lead role in “A Star Is Born” – with a very detailed and expressive portrayal of a very personal personality.


In a video interview, Odell said, “The purpose was to give a picture of Anna’s legacy, her achievements, and struggles, and to explain the ingredients of her influence and success.” “It’s one thing to reach the summit; it’s quite another to be there.” Anna has been in pain for 34 years. It’s incredible in an industry like hers.” It’s incredible in an industry like hers. I wanted to learn more about how she was able to live for so long.”

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Accounts from intimate friends, designers, and collaborators are included. “Anna” highlights the various characteristics of the influential editor-in-chief, including letters from his father, Fleet Street Editor Charles Winter, and incisive analysis of practically every professional and personal decision made by Winter.


Winter’s wealthy childhood is described by Odell, who tells how he turned to journalism, first in London and then later. His family is well-connected to the literary elite in the UK, and Winter has access to a large trust fund. He eventually earned the starring part in New York.


Winter, the last of his type, did not say that he was most familiar with “Anna.” Despite several requests for an interview, the fashion icon declined to speak with Odell for the book.


Despite this, Odell noted that he did not intervene.


“When I first started working on ‘Anna,’ people warned me it could go one of two ways: she would try to stop me, possibly by telling sources not to speak to me, as she did with the previously unauthorized biography; or she would aid me.” “The previous team has proven to be correct,” he stated.

Winter in Toronto in 1977.

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