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Travis Scott SURPRISES Fans, Shows off Hot Body at His First Public Performance

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Scott’s first public performance after six months 

Travis Scott is going to officially schedule his first public performance. This is happening after six months after the Astrowrold Festival tragedy. On May 7, Saturday, Scott is going to perform at the popular Miami nightclub E11EVEN, according to sources. The rapper seems to be the headlining act for the venue’s 2022 Miami Grand Prix programming as seen in the posters. Its other name is “Race Week”.

Scott’s first public performance after six months of the crowd crush 

The tickets for the event are on sale now at a price point of $150 to $250, depending on your gender. This is according to promotional flyers and the website of E11EVEN. It’s a bit obvious that females will get at a cheaper rate. The demand for the show is very high so the tickets are getting sold out fast.

The consequences of the crowd crush 

At Astroworld, Scott’s hometown music festival in Houston, Texas, the crowd crushed injured people in the number hundreds and killed a whole ten people. Scott has faced a huge public and legal backlash. Thus, he has been performing only at private events. He was latest noted at the pre-Oscars party on March 27 and a Coachella after-party on April 17. There was a lot of enthusiasm around his presence. After this incident, no one can estimate whether a club like E11EVEN could manage the huge crowd or not.

At first, the public had a lot of anger at him. Still, he continued the show. Despite the obvious signs of the folks being in distress — but in the wake of all that, there’s been different evidence suggesting he may have been in the dark on the severity.

Other events

For the international music festival series Primavera Sound on March 27, Scott was going to be the headliner. He planned to perform at three different festivals in South American cities — São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Santiago. Most probably, these events will be in November 2022. Then it will be nearly one year to the day of the Astroworld tragedy. Primavera Sound will be Scott’s first festival performance since he was not there in the Coachella 2022 lineup. Scott announced the Texas-based Project HEAL initiative in March 2022. It looks like Scott is trying to return to the industry. He advertised rumors about his fourth album Utopia on billboards along a major California highway earlier this month.

Fans are eager for new music 

His fans are waiting eagerly for new music. They are in the wait for a formal announcement about the rapper’s upcoming project that is right on the horizon. But for sure, his sudden and gradual comeback to the public eye and the mainstream music scene will be observed closely by many. There are VIP tables also available for reservation. People who want can spend quite a bit more money to watch the show. It is reported to be more than $100k. It also depends on what’s happening. This is not the first time for TS to hold the mic. He has been doing small performances in the coming months.


1. Did Travis Scott plan his first public performance?

Travis Scott has officially scheduled his first public performance, six months after the Astrowrold Festival tragedy.

2. When is the event planned?

As reported by TMZ, Scott is booked to perform at popular Miami nightclub E11EVEN on Saturday, May 7. According to promotional posters for the event, the rapper appears to be the headlining act for the venue’s 2022 Miami Grand Prix programming, also known as “Race Week.”

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