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Snapchat SHOCKS Users With New Shopping Features. The Dress-Up Tab Is HERE!

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The increasing shopping experience on social media

In this era of science and technology, the world is filled up with social networking sites. So, the latest ongoing innovations are quite common. Almost all the people around you and me are indulged in one or two networking sites. Nowadays it’s not only about searching for creative content or connecting to the world but shopping as well. Various sites like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others are offering shopping facilities. It is becoming a tradition that people should shop where they socialize. One of the sites, Snapchat has also come up with a similar thing.

Snapchat comes up with new shopping like features and the Dress Up tab 

Buy any apparel you like on Snapchat 

Snap’s plans are quite different from others but they are more ambitious. It’s trying to create an entire shopping experience for the users. Suppose, you like a shirt you saw on a stranger then you can figure out what it is and where to buy it, try it on, buy it, wear it, and return it. If you don’t feel it to be apt, because of different looks, you can rinse and repeat and funnel it through Snap’s AR camera. Through Camera Kit, most of that tech can also work within brands’ websites and retailer apps. There will always be a buy button.

Work and plans are in progress 

Though there is a lot to do, Snap is going forward quickly. On Thursday, its annual Creator Summit was held and they said that they are expanding its AR try-on features. This will let the users use virtually try on glasses and clothes with their cameras. It is also creating an in-app hub called Dress Up. These are like ideas of a virtual shopping mall. They expect that it could be something like the future of the shopping mall.

The Dress-up feature

Though it seems as such, the feature, Dress Up is not only a catalog of stuff to buy. Snapchat hopes that it is going to give you a little more fun and experience than other shopping sites. According to their idea, it would not be just a product-feed shopping tab but will be utility-driven. That’s because people will get benefitted only when they get to buy something. Well, that’s a creative idea and will be encouraging for many youngsters as most of its users lie in that age group. They can use their creativity and this can get them quite a bit of money as well. But there are many aspects of fashion like self-expression and asking friends for advice and having fun with them.

When you will open the Dress Up hub and pick an item, Snap’s AR lenses will help you try it. At the same time, it will take a picture of how it looks on you and share it with friends to get their thoughts. Dress Up will also have creator content, as well as tips and ideas from brands, all changing based on your preferences, how you use the platform, and even your location. All the things can be bought in just one or two taps.


1. From how much time, are they working on this?

Snap has been working on the tech for about 18 months, Navas said and has been testing it with a few brands before rolling it out to more businesses this year. “The actual process to build an AR lens has gone from an 8–12 week experience to minutes.”

2. What will be the challenges for Snapchat?

The big challenge for Snap will be to grow its catalog to bring all the things people can buy into those AR experiences. So far, that has required a lot of specialized work building three-dimensional digital versions of everything you make, but Snap’s trying to make it easier.

3. What is Snapchat AR Image Processing?

Snap AR Image Processing is exactly what it sounds like: it uses machine learning to take regular product photos and turn them into 3D models. The tech comes from Forma, a virtual-try-on company Snap quietly acquired to improve its try-on experiences. All users need to do is take a full-body selfie, and they can try on almost anything.

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