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Rob Kardashian: Blac Chyna Used a Metal Rod on Me! She Pulled a Gun on me

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During a December 2016 confrontation,

Rob Kardashian alleges his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna beat her with a metal rod and pointed a gun at her.

Rob, 35, testified Wednesday in the Kardashian-Jenners’ ongoing court battle with Chyna, 33, that his connection with her was violent from the start, alleging that his child’s mother beat and killed him. threatened.

Rob, who appeared in court wearing a black button-down long-sleeved shirt, said he was joking on social media on December 14, 2016, after the two released video evidence of the kiss. And giggling.

Rob was seen inside the courthouse brandishing a band of $100 bills and throwing it at Chyna, who appeared to be overjoyed.

However, the night got violent, and the brawl reportedly lasted until the next morning. Chyna allegedly pulled a gun on Rob twice, beat him with a metal rod, scratched him, and hit him with an iPhone wire, according to Rob.

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“He punched me in the face, on my back multiple times,” Robb claimed, adding that Chyna had reportedly struck him with a metal rod.

He went on to say, “He tore my shirt off early in the evening, and we were throwing money at our Snapchats.” “At first, I felt it was erratic. I didn’t believe it got serious until the second gunfight… You don’t point a gun at your fiancée’s head, whether or not it’s loaded.]

I left an imprint, but I didn’t require a band-aid.”

“He hit me multiple times (with a metal rod)… because someone hit you,” Rob said when Chyna’s lawyer, Lynn Ciani, asked why he didn’t display the injury in the video shot after the incident. It didn’t make an impression on me when I had the pistol in my temple. I’m sure the rope around my neck created an impression, but I didn’t require a band-aid.”

Rob continued, “Everything that I testified to be.” “She was high on cocaine and booze.” This isn’t the first time she’s done anything like this. It doesn’t imply it’s not true just because I didn’t have any points. Don’t put it out there! It’s not right.


Throughout her nearly two-hour testimony, the reality star was upset, raising her voice numerous times and reiterating Ciani’s queries to bring up the problem.

“I have social anxiety… and I’ve gained a lot of weight,” Rob said when questioned about spending New Year’s Eve together following the fight. He ejected me from my home. He was there when I went to dinner. I was dissatisfied. After holding a gun to my head, I’m leaving the house. He shared it on Snapchat, but he’s not pleased with me. It’s only that it’s phony.”


Robb stated that he wants to make his relationship work and that he supports Chyna, with whom he has a 5-year-old daughter Dream. He admitted to sleeping in his car until the next morning on several occasions.

When Rob first started communicating with Chyna, he claimed he was at his “lowest” and “weakest” point in his life, although he was still unmarried and contacting other women at the time.

“I was probably in the most hopeless situation of my life... He stated, “She was the one that brought me in.” “I felt just at ease with him… I had reached the pinnacle of my loneliness. I paid no attention to the negative aspects of the situation. I come from a lovely family, yet I choose to devote myself to him.”

He also claimed that he never loved her, even though he proposed to her. They did it more as a promotion for him and his now-defunct E! reality show, “Rob and Chyna,” he added.

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