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SHOCKING VIDEO REVEALS Justin Lin and Vin Diesel DON’T REALLY GET EACH OTHER! 3 days before they Walked

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Director Justin Lin has departed the latest Fast/Furious film, officially titled Fast X, after commencing the main filming last week, according to a shocking afternoon news release. Following the Diesel-Rock breakup, this is the #Family’s second divorce. If I’ve taught you anything, it’s that any production delay is costly, and THE DIRECTOR QUITTING ONE WEEK INTO PRODUCTION IS EXTREMELY BAD. Justin Lin has already directed five Fast and Furious films, so it’s not like he has no idea how these things work or what it’s like to run one of these sets, and yet he QUIT a WEEK into his sixth installment with the #Family. WHAT. HAPPENED.

Something, evidently, happened. You don’t make it through FIVE productions just to walk out a week into the sixth unless something has gone completely wrong. It’s likely that Lin’s personal life has been turned upside down – and if that’s the case, the family must come first. If not, however…

Invisible Discord name – Untold tricks!

What was it, and how did it relate to Vin Diesel‘s ego?

In related news, here’s a video of Diesel and Lin on set from a few days ago. Lin exudes the intensity of a “barista who desperately wants to go amid the morning rush.”

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Lin is still a producer on the project, which is being touted as some sort of consolation for the situation, but it has to do with the amount of labor he put into the picture during development and pre-production. Lin has done enough work on the foundation that he is also credited as a producer, despite the fact that he only shot for a few days. Whoever takes over from him will likely end up as the credited director because they will film more than half of the movie, but Lin has done enough work on the foundation that he is also credited as a producer (he is also a credited producer on Fast Five, Fast 6, and F9, and Jesus, pick a naming convention and stick to it).

Being a credited producer does not necessarily imply that he has anything to do with the film right now; rather, it refers to all of his previous work. So let’s not jump to the conclusion that “everything is probably good, he’s still a producer,” because he would remain a producer anyhow. He gave up. ONE WEEK. I’m a big fan of shooting.

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