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Ubisoft confirms that its upcoming PvP battle arena game “Project Q” is real

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Ubisoft has also confirmed it as of 4/23/22. NFTs will not be included in Project Q.

Ubisoft finally revealed Project Q after a slew of leaks. This is not a battle royale, but rather a “group battle area that provides gamers with actual skill.”

Ubisoft revealed today that Project Q, a team-based game presently in development, was featured on the company’s official Twitter account. The news comes just one day after leaked footage from the film surfaced online.

According to Ubisoft, Project Q is still in the works and will be a team battle arena that allows users to truly dominate the experience. Project Q is not a battle royale game, according to the company. This game will feature a variety of PvP modes with a single purpose in mind, according to him: FUN. Ubisoft has stated that it will not be employing NFTs in this game.

We heard what you said. Codename Project Q is a team warfare arena where players may actually own the experience! We’ve already tested the game and will continue to do so. You will no longer be able to register for upcoming tests if you do so:        https://t.co/TRKwiUzbJ pic.twitter.com/hZ40OkPdum

23 October 2022, Ubisoft (@Ubisoft)

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Nothing was publicly revealed, but Ubisoft asks users to sign up for future tests and provide comments on a dedicated website. Despite the lack of official information, players already know a lot more thanks to a leak from yesterday, according to VGC, which disclosed a lot of the gameplay, splash menus, gear, and several game modes.


From the lobby to the completion of the games, the released video includes gameplay from two different bouts. Showdown, which is similar to battle royale but with fewer players, and Battle Zone, which consists of two teams attempting to create an area of the territory in which they may score 100 points, are the two modes available in this early version of the game.

It’s possible to see what Wonders gamers will use to give their characters varied talents and abilities. Wrestling masks and cards, as well as legendary weapons such as Wukongs personnel, are among them, each with its own set of skills. Because the game is still in development, some things may be changed.

Another character has lightning bolts in his hair, is dressed in yellow, and teases that he has lightning power or is extremely fast. Some of the older characters had shovels with the ability to fly and slide. Finally, a character wearing spectacles stands on the bridge and absorbs everything.

According to VGC, Project Q’s leaked gameplay began surfacing on the internet when Ubisoft asked gamers to try out the new game. It appears to be similar to Fortnite, but it is not a Battle Royale game, according to Ubisoft.

Players will have to wait for announcements or future invitations to test Project Q because Ubisoft hasn’t given them a release date.

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