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Movie Makers ‘Z’ Change Title to V39 after a letter from Ukrainian Institute

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Change of title of the film ‘Z’

The upcoming film by the director, Michel Hazanavicius’ was going to open at the Cannes Film Festival next month. It was going to release under the French title, Z. But now, they are expecting to premiere under a different title instead of ‘Z’. The Ukrainian protesters have noted that the supporters of Russia’s war in Ukraine are using the letter Z to represent support for Russia’s war in Ukraine. That’s why this has come into the note of the makers. On Monday, the director announced that he has renamed the Zombie comedy Coupé for the Cannes premiere. The makers are already scheduled to release it internationally under the name Final Cut, according to several reports.

The makers of the film Z change the title after the letter from Ukrainian Institute

Statements from news agencies 

Statements by various reporters like The Hollywood Reporter and Variety say that Hazanavicius considered the title of the movie as “perhaps funny” when the shooting of the film was completed several months ago. But this is no longer the case right now. He said that his film consists of the joy and interest in the audience. He doesn’t want to associate with the ongoing war. The film is not at all related to Russia’s war.  He is glad to change the title of his movie and wants to show his utmost support for the Ukrainian people.

A remake of a Japanese movie 

The director Hazanavicius is popular for his best comedy-drama. The Artist was released in 2011. For this, he won the Academy Award for best director. The upcoming film is a remake of a Japanese movie. It is the zombie comedy One Cut of the Dead in 2007. It starred Romain Duris and Bérénice Bejo. At first, the director said that it is too late to change the title of the movie in France. That’s because, in France, it will premiere in just a few weeks. But he said he wanted to use the international title on all marketing materials at Cannes and it will begin on May 17.

Letter from the Ukrainian Institute 

The Ukrainian Institute sent a letter to the director, Hazanavicius, and Cannes officials urging them to rename the film title. They recommended the opening night film as “a gesture against the barbarity, violence, and terror of the Russian army,” according to Variety. The head of the film at the Ukrainian Institute is Natalie Movshovych. She told the publication that local media in Russia had been using the title of the film for their benefit and they were supporting the film as well.

The makers told Variety that the name of the film was inspired by the “series Z” movies in France. It is similar to B- (or low-budget) movies in the U.S. The film doesn’t have any content to harm or weaken the Ukrainians. He also mentioned the film called The Search about the 1999 war. It was about the war between Chechnya and Russia showing the violence of the Russian military. He added that he is in support of the Ukrainians and he feels sorrow seeing their situation.


1. Which film has been pleaded to change the title?

Hazanavicius’ next film was due to be titled “Z (comme Z)” or “Z (like Z)” in English until Ukrainian filmmakers pleaded for him to change the title.

2. What’s the reason for the change of title?

The reasoning for the request is the use of the letter “Z” by the Russian army in their invasion of Ukraine. Ever since the beginning of the war, Russian soldiers have painted the letter on the side of tanks and other armored vehicles that have been sent into Ukraine.

3. Is the letter Z the part of the Russian War?

The letter “Z” isn’t part of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet and the origin of the symbol is unknown. One predominant theory is that the letter is painted on vehicles to avoid friendly fire.

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