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The mysterious game Sifu has grown tougher with difficulties.

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Sloclap promised more Sifu material, and Sloclap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap cascade Sloclap’s plans for Sifu for the rest of 2022 are outlined in a new roadmap, with four big improvements coming per season. The first of these four patches will be released next week, and it will include something that will aid gamers in beating this tough-as-nails game: customizable difficulty options.


Sifu will get an update on May 3 that includes the aforementioned difficulty options, as well as advanced training and wardrobe options. “Student,” “Disciple,” and “Master” are offered as difficulty options, which we think are Sifu’s way of characterizing easy, normal, and hard. Advanced training could imply a more comprehensive lesson as well as a sandbox mode in which you can practice your moves.

Sloclap also teased the new “Wude” attire, which would be released in May’s update. Sloclap had previously stated that many additional clothes for the main character would be available, as well as at least one exclusive outfit for Deluxe Edition owners. There’s another shot placed just underneath the Wude outfit, indicating that at least two outfits will be released on May 3.

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Advanced score possibilities, gameplay modifiers, and even more new clothes will be included in the summer release. We don’t know what those costumes will be like, but we do know what the gameplay modifiers will be like. No pendant (which presumably indicates only one life), no health points, harder foes, golden staff, all skills unlocked, and bullet time are among the mentioned changes. That last one will be a terrific addition to the growing list of Matrix mods for Sifu.

A replay editor will be included in the fall update, and a new “Arenas” game mode will be added in the winter update. Several spots on the map have been circled, implying that these areas will be reused levels from the main game. New gameplay modifiers and clothing will be included in both the fall and winter upgrades.


If you need a little more help with Sifu before the hard update in May, we’ve created a few guidelines to help you out.

The game will have “student,” “disciple,” and “master” difficulties as part of the May 3rd update, though it’s unclear how the modes will be calibrated in contrast to one another. They translate to “easy,” “medium,” and “hard” modes, if I had to guess.

At first, I was a great fan of the game’s difficulty. It was difficult, but I enjoyed returning to the game’s levels to better. I leaped from my seat in joy after defeating the game’s last boss. But I got frustrated a lot along the way, so I’m glad Sloclap is adding difficulty levels that will likely make the game more accessible to others.

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